BFS 2000pt RTT Sept 15th

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BFS 2000pt RTT Sept 15th

Postby pissclams » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:31 am

Battle for Salvation is hosting a small Tournament open to anyone who just wants to have fun or to prep for the upcoming BFS GT in October

Anyone is welcome but our space is limited 20 players.

Email Bobby to hold your spot:
registrations have been low so we will take walkins as well.

here is the info:

The Battle for Salvation will be hosting a tournament on September 15th at Comic
Book Heaven, 200 Hamilton Avenue White Plains, NY 10601. For directions see
link: ... l=us&hl=en

A few brief specifics:

-We will start at 10 AM sharp
- 3 rounds battle points
-20 dollar entry
-1999 points +1 (i.e. 2000 points but 1 FOC
-Allies legal
-No Fortress of Redemption or Skyshield Pad
-Models must be WYSIWYG
-No painting requirement
-We will be using 3 missions from our finalized GT Packet but modified for battle
-You must bring 3 copies of your list for each opponent.
-Make sure you take into account all new GW FAQs.

The purpose of this tournament is to practice for the GT. Club members and those
already registered for the GT will have priority to sign up for this tournament.
Spots are limited. To save a spot as soon as possible email

I have received a few spot reservations via email, but only a few. SO we will
open Saturday to anyone first come first serve. Bishop will open the doors at 9
AM. Obviously if you reserved a spot you are definitely in but we ask that you
be there by no later than 9 30 AM. We only have 20-24 possible spots so be

We will start at 10 AM sharp.

If I dont get an email you may not be guaranteed your spot.


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