Ally choice for Tau - Eldar? What Troops?

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Ally choice for Tau - Eldar? What Troops?

Postby GreyDragoon » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:28 pm

Hey folks,

So thinking about picking up a small allied force to complement my Tau army in the 2000+ points arena. What I'm leaning towards is Eldar. I think they can fill in some missing gaps to my shooting Tau army. Perhaps Eldrad and 1-2 squads of howling banshees.. Not quite sure. Would like suggestions though!

Here is my army layout so far:

Shas'o R'myr w/ 2 bodyguards and w/ 2 shield drones. Forgeworld rules found here: Used as my general.
Anghor Prok (2001 Gameday Kroot, only named Kroot I know of. Special rules found Here:

None at the moment, although I have 1 squad of (3) stealth suits, and 1 squad of (5) that can easily be pressed into service. I've been intrigued by the new stealth suit rules in 6th ed. and am considering potentially moving them up as elite body guards. It's a thought, nothing more.

(3) squads of 12 Fire Warriors with 1 'ui each and 2 additional gun drones. This is my gun wall, and boy those last 24" hurt to move forward on. Great potential usage now with defensive fortifications, something I haven't worked with yet.
(2) squads of 20 Kroot Carnivores and 12 Hounds each. Thier use is situational, and there's good and bad ways to field them. They are buffed very nicely by Anghor Prok, and are intended as either front line animals or to be bought in as a reserve to sweep from the side.

Fast Attack:
(3) XV-9 dual burst cannon - Intended for Deep Strike and usage where I see fit. I suppose I could put them on the line as well if needed, it's a rather expensive set of 6 burst cannons but I can't resist including them in an army list and with drones they are VERY difficult to pin down.

Heavy Support:
(3) HammerHeads - They are all kitted out, atm, Flechette Disch (use them as a last ditch shield in front of the warriors in the face of charging mass xenos), target lock, disruption pod, targeting array, SMS for each. I should revisit their kits with the new rules, been reading through Dakka dakka tau posts about the changes and not quite decided yet.
note: I'd love fielding 2 hammerheads and 1 group of Broadsides but.. those guys are EXPENSIVE! If I invest in a group of three I'm getting the forgeworld XV-88-2's with the fantastic railgun/SMS combo..

Currently Shaso hangs with the gun line and assists, while the Kroot squads are used situationally for reserve action or as a front line meatshield. Either way, those kroots are always to be kept near Anghor Prok, a charge with him nearby can take out nearly anything. Fluff wise, I think this works as a great "Enemy of the Imperium" army, with a great balance between the melee/flesh wall of the Kroot and the long range heavy weapons fire of the Tau. And then with allied Eldar I can really make the storyline/fluff of why they are allied, how this is the start of their working together, and perhaps an alliance between R'myr and one of the Eldar Craftworlds (I'd have to go dive into their codex to find which craftworld I wanted to paint for that is a xeno friendly craftworld.

My problem with the tau side of the army is that the Kroot are best used on the offense, so often times I find that I'm left without a proper defensive counter to say deep striking threats, infiltration, or fast movers who I am unlucky enough to not be able to shoot down before they get to a flank. I want to move those Kroot to pin down a threat, but at this point level there can be more threats than they can pin down/keep busy while the gun line reduces my enemy to pulp. And castling is no longer really a great option in 6th Edition, with far too many of these map theme (and fliers it would seem! Although I haven't played a game against any yet) punishing those who don't keep moving. Although a few look like they might still allow for a good old fashion castle nightmare scenario for the enemy :) There is also the lingering psyker/force weakness a Tau army has, namely a complete lack of defense to it and the hope you can kill enemy psykers first. I think Eldrad would be a good step to solving that, but again any suggestion is more then welcome! I've never been an Eldar player, so maybe I'm thinking of this wrong. But would appreciate the feedback!

I've removed my fluff IG gue'vasa units when using R'myr since it doesn't work story wise (he'd rather see them at the end of a railgun barrel) and let's be fair, the Gue'vasa rules are neat to look it but make for basically crappy fire warriors and a waste of points.

Have at, looking forward to some thoughts!

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Re: Ally choice for Tau - Eldar? What Troops?

Postby Anger Worm » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:39 am

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Re: Ally choice for Tau - Eldar? What Troops?

Postby WickerNipple » Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:26 pm

Our local Tau player just got back from a tournament this weekend where he used Ork allies. If you give him a day or two to get over his hangover he might be in to say a few words about it. :lol:
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Re: Ally choice for Tau - Eldar? What Troops?

Postby GreyDragoon » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:10 pm

Haha if that's a sample of them, I'm looking forward to hearing about it! Definitely just hoping to fill in any gaps in the Tau army with whatever ally I use, and Eldar seems like a good fit. Eldrad gives your army defense against Psyker attacks if I'm not mistaken correct?
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