Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby Emperors Reckoning » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:32 pm

This week?! Hey no fair! There's lots more June available!!
Emperors Reckoning
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby elrodogg » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:45 pm

Play a game and you will get the hayley's comet reward.
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby jcress » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:13 pm

My eldar engaged in two battles tonight. The loss of a few jetbikes edges the Iyanden refugees one step closer to extinction...

Game 1 vs ronin's chaos imperial guard, the eldar are victorious. A clear violation of the endangered species act, the imperial guard begin the game by cutting a unit of jetbikes in half and glancing a wave serpent. The eldar play close to some nearby terrain, managing to keep two troops on objectives. At the end of the game, the three remaining jetbikes hold one objective, while a lone wraithguard holds the objective near the center of the board. The wraithguard managed to make a bunch of 2+ cover saves thanks to the ruins + shrouded from the spiritseer's primaris power.

Game 2 vs michael's dark eldar; the eldar are so incensed at the sight of their fallen kin they steal the initiative, focus turn one firepower on a venom and a ravager, destroying the first and glancing the latter. After passing a lot of saves, the Eldar survive the dark eldar response. Turn two is decisive, as wraithguard and guardian jetbikes swarm a raider, the wraithguard easily cause an explosion, the surviving warriors die to GJB shooting.

Thanks for the games, great to meet some new people and try out the new eldar dex.

-- Justin
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby GreyDragoon » Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:55 am

Max Fightmeister along with his Cadre and Rippy the Riptide ventured out into the wilds of hiveworld Manhatten this afternoon and had their hands full the entire time!

Their first run-in was with the similarly green troops of Brook, Grey Knights whom the Tau had not yet seen before! After completely misjudging their adversaries and wiping all but one tactical marine from the board, a squad of Grey Knights teleported across the table on the bottom of turn one and lit up the command post of Max and his fire warriors! Suffering an egregious 6 wounded recruits (along with Max himself!) the cadre rallied and repelled the Grey Knights. A few very luck cover saves later amidst their ruins and the destruction of an terminator squad resulted in the routing of these haters of the greater good by a concede. Next, with Max on the mend from his burns back at base, an Orc infestation under warboss Gogroth sprung up around the camp! The men rallied in time get on top of their barracks and mess hall while Rippy stumbled out into the training field. By the fall of night, the Orc Shootas and Lootas had fought off of the board. Yet a squad of Lobbas, persistant as ever, kept up a mild barrage into the night while the men recovered.

Finally, in a stunning turn of events, the patrol went out the next day and ran directly into Handicrafted's Dark Angels. In an epic battle of Tactical Marines versus Tau firepower, it came down essentially to a draw. Rippy the Riptide ran out from cover early to get clean shots on the transports, at first blowing the turret off of one transport and frying a Dark Angel brother, then getting lucky on turn two and sending an accelerated ion cannon blast through both transports resulting in an exploded rhino and a wrecked secondary transport! But the Dark Angels were not deterred, and fell into a tenacious defense of their fallen standard while attempting to recover their battle banner in the north west quadrant. Max's troops were slow to get out of the ruins they had setup base in, resulting in nearly 2 turns of lost movement across the board, which Sergeant Easy Wind manipulated to the best of his ability, holding the crater of his transport along with the 8 remaining marines he had come in with and focusing their firepower on Rippy. Due to the slow start of his Max and the rest of the cadre, Rippy was left to his own devices and by turn 4 had killed 5 of Easy Wind's troops before a powerful plasma blast to the knees through the doors of the nearby ruins collapsed the Riptide's systems and removed him from the fight.

Max rallied the troops from this horrifying defeat however and his fire warriors advanced to the midfield and gunned down all but Sergeant Easy Wind, who then retreated from the battlefield rather than die at the hands of such xenos. Phil's Own (commander of the Dark Angels) attempted a sweeping advance to claim both his objective and linebreaker but it was not to be as electrical storms in the atmosphere caused an end to the hostilities and Max Fightmeister and his cadre eeked out a draw and reclaimed Rippy's battlesuit in order to fix it up and return it to service for next week. The draw will need to hold until next week although Phil's Own troopers, now with the taste of fallen Riptide in their mouths, will benefit for the duration of this campaign from Preferred Enemy: Riptide. A stale tie if ever there was one for Max and his Cadre.

Short version:
Win vs Brook via Concede
Win vs Gogroth via Points 2-1
Tie via Handicrafted
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby Anger Worm » Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:46 pm

Played Brook's Grey Knights for a win. Khorne lord went all Khorne and Khorned him.
Played Bret's Orks for a loss. Khorne lord didn't.
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Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby handicrafted » Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:27 pm

Deadhead Space (?Your Face?) Marine Chapter of Dark Angels Space (?Your Face?) Marines Workingman's Dead Squad 'Fallout From the Phil Zone' Veteran Sergeant "Phil Zone" reporting from escalation on Strategicus Compleaticus in Manhattan Segmentum... Dated 6/13/40,013... "Target one objective Deadhead Tape Archive & gene seed from fallen brethren acquired... Regret loss of target two "Box of Rain" & brethren gene seed to enemy units holed up in ruins 1 click NE of our position... Strong Tau opposition encountered around target three from "mother" of all Tau battle suits. This monster suit took out both transports and most of 'Easy Wind' squad with multiple ordnance from an tremendous arm mounted energy cannon and some kind of additional shoulder mount plasma weaponry. The enormous thing absorbed all bolter fire, at least three lascan shots from 'Easy Wind' and survived some internal energy overload before we managed to score the kill with a lucky hit from Zeke's plasmacan. Status target three remains in determinate as fire fight with Tau infantry drew to standstill at dusk. Casualties include entire "Easy Wind" squad WiA, KiA or MiA, rhino destroyed & "Phil Zone" squad: light casualties, razorback: in need of major repairs. Request medevac, tech repair support, search & rescue & reinforcements... End transmission.

Short version - Deadhead vanguard crusade 3-3 draw on 6/14/13 vs. Greydragon Rippy the Riptide/Max Fightmeister Tau...

"...In the Land of the Dark the Ship of the Sun is pulled by The Grateful Dead..."
"...In the Land of the Dark, the Ship of the Sun is pulled by the Grateful Dead..."
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby Guy In Suit » Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:33 am

Steve wins. The End.
2014: 91/52
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby Anger Worm » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:48 pm

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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby gograth » Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:27 pm

gograth lost to GreyDragon's tau
gograth won against angerworm's chaos marines
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Re: Summer Escalation League - 500pt Games Reporting

Postby Brother Suspectus » Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:19 pm

Vostroyan 7Th Mooners encountered a band of Dark Angels. When they refused to acknowledge hailings on their coms, it was decided that they were possible fallen. The order to destroy them was given and quickly the Space Marines were dispatched in quick order.

Dave Brommer's guard defeats Dave Robertsons DA 6/15.
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