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New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:35 pm
by deFl0
Anybody screwing around with points on this codex yet?

My first impression is that they did ar really good job and it's very competative.

My initial thoughts thus far:

1. To really be competitive you need to get a lot out of multipliers. Mostly, orders and psychics.

- So orders. On non-vehicle units only.
- Take Aim = Precision shot. Think blob squads, units with low AP weapons, or conscripts.
- Smite at will = split fire. Good for infantry squads
- First rank fire, second rank fire = good for blobs and scions
- Bring it down = tank hunter, monster hunter = Units with lots of high strength, low ap weapons. Again great for blob squads
- Fire on my target = great for low ap weapons = Scions, command squads, or my favorite... specail weapon squads with demo charages :)

2. Pask is a beast in a punisher or vanquisher
3. Leman russes are solid. I'm not sure I would field anything other than exterminators, eradicators or executioners
4. Manticores went up in prices and always have to fire indirectly... Lame, but with divination
5. Forge world - Sabre platform bring this codex into the realm of wow. Let's face it. The Vendetta is great but not no longer a price steal. The hydra sucks (GW fail). So your options are SABRE, allies, or if in a ?no forgeworld tourny you suck it up and use vendettas.
6. Foreworld - BTW - The vulture is the hotness that you want if you want a flier IMO.
7. CCS - Tricky unit. They are cheap. They can be super offensive. They can take an awesomely cheap unlimited range pie plate. With an attached IC they are great at reserve manipulation. 2 senior orders are the bomb. Tehy can get FNP and 4+ armor and +1 cover, all for cheap. But they are still really vulnerable. This is you HQ unless you run Yarrick or Pask IMO. In a lot of lists you will take this twice.
8. Priests - AMAZING. First off Zealot = fearless. If that's all he gave you I would take him. But he also lets you do cool stuff like reroll you armor saves in hth, or make smash attacks, He can also take a plasma guns... Imagine a blob squad with 5 plasma guns, 5 lascannons, 3 plsama guns from priests, add re roll to hit and fire on my target to ignore cover saves. Oh an priests have a 4++ and a 2+ Look out sir. So they are hard to snipe. The only downside is no go to ground.
9. Primaris Psychers. Divination @ 50 points with a foreceweapon and a refractor field. Sweet. 75 points if you want to be a level 2. You can have 3 of these guys. These are the guys that make this army work. For like 4 points with Inquisitor allies you can be throwing out like 9sih divination powers.
10. divination
- Prescience - makes blob squads a nightmare in shooting and hth. It also is really good for units like Leman russ squadrons and manitcores.
- forebodding - full bs snap shots. Welcome to no, you can't shoot or assault my blob squad off an objective.
- Forewarning - 4++ that you can give to anyone. Good for squadrons, sabre platfosrms (think hell drakes) and blobs
- Misfortune - So this is where Wyverns or thudd guns from forgeworld, or allied thunder cannons all of a sudden start getting interesting to me. Even blob squads get more nasty. This also your good bye seer council, or good but grimoire unit, or good by rip tide spell.
- Perfect Timing - Ignore cover. But it targets the pyscher and his unit. Which makes blobs nasty as you can give them an order like take aim (precision shots) and cast perfect timing to ignore cover.
- pre cog - lame for IG - drop for prescience
- scriers gaze - stacks with CCS or reserve manipulation. So you can time your vendettas. drop for presecience
11. Yarrick - he is an IC, the gets 2 senior orders and can hide in a blob squad and gives great stuff like units around him dont take moral checks at 25% casualties. I like him on an icurus lascannon in a blob squad.
12. scions - I want to love these guys. I mean they even have another codex which makes them troops and has retarded disgusting orders... but I just have a tough time finding th epoints. The big thing is that they can scout anymore... Which was the only reason I liked them before... But maybe as throw away drop units?
13. vets - so basically the same gig as last codex. I think I liek them as 2 melta guns and a hvy flamer in a chimera. Maybe with crack grenades.
14. Not sure there is anything else I would use in the codex in a competative way.

15. ALLIES - INQUISITION! Yes please. Xeno inquisitor, liber hereticus, rad grenades, lvl 1 psychics, servo skulls. He's cheap, add to a consript squad with a priest and you have a mean mob for sooooooooooo cheap. Cotaez attached to a blob squad is mean and he gives you tons of scoring units for cheap. Plus he can help you alpha strike and gives you defense from deep strike

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:54 pm
by deFl0
16. Dark angels give scoring termies, rad grenade launchers and azrael that gives you blobs a 4++ (which re rolls in hth with a priest). Probably one of the best allies if you want to go mega blob. I also think their is probably an interesting rad grenade, biomancy enfeeble list where you just oblit monsterous creatures.
17. SM - so many options, but I think tigerious is a good fit to teleport people around, thunder cannons fir well, so do drop pods, or bikes with graviton guns, or centurions, or things liek scouting ravengaurd rhinos
18. Adeptas soroitas - Give great buffs and 3 more priests! and their specail character really work well with blobs for things like hth and runs. I also like the mix with mex with exorcists, and scouting dominions and tons of taurox or chimeras. Lastly - the repressor is a cheap AV 13 transport. There has got to be a mean build of av 13 transports, av 14 lemans and blob squads this is nearly unkillable.

19. Other allies - So IG are friendly with everyone pretty much.

-CSMs give you plague zombies and cultists, obliterators, DPs, Belakor, and hell drakes.
- Daemons give you air superiority and ig take care of the ground. I also think you could probably spam a board with so much plague bearers and fearless blob squads it could work.
- Tau - pretty much fixes the anit air thing quickly, but there is not a lot of synergy here
- Eladar - same thing. Eldar do fill a solid roll of S6 and S7 shooting which is a gap with IG
- Dark Eldar - actually blobs and beast pack might be an interesting hammer anvil list. I'd have to put more though into this.
- necron airforce is a prettu solid ally
- blo0d angels - the idea of baal predators and leman russes apeals to me
- space wolves - probably one of the strongest combos. Njal might be a beast with IG, plus you can take a bunch of biomancy. Grey hunters are the bomb. Drop pods work well with IG as well.

20 - allies as IG. So you can pretty much take anything you want from ig even as allies. So they are pretty versitile. Really in most situations, you are picking up a better warlord, or better army rules like for daemons.

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:48 am
by The Gunslinger
Thanks. Are you going to come around for games?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:31 am
by WickerNipple
I was rather surprised to see how much they buffed blob squads given how potentially ridiculous they already were.

The priest is the real gem, and I have to feel like it was at least partially a mistake to make them so cheap. 25pts for the whole blob to be fearless would be an auto-buy all on it own, much less with the rerolls they can hand out.

The new super cheap armored sentinels are worth a mention, though I still doubt I'd use em.

And the Wyvern is quite good too.

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 2:01 pm
by The Gunslinger
Not totally sold on the priests cuz you need to roll on his Ld 7 for those abilities to work. For 25 pts, I guess it's not a big investment, but if you're running 3 blobs, you could either move him to whatever blob you know will see HTH, or just buy 2-3 priests.

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2014 11:01 pm
by deFl0
I see that argument on the internet... It started with the adeptus sororitas. But it's wrong. When any model makes a leadership test it can use the highest leadership in the squad. The only exception are psychic powers. It's right in the BRB. Just because it says they priest makes the test doesn't mean he can use rules in the main rule book.

Anyway, yeah priest rock, although its weird to me that AS and INQ priests can take power weapons but not AM. No S8 smash attacks for IG Iguess.

That said, im actually fine with them being 25 pts. They take away go to ground which is a big deal with blob squads. And for a blob squad they seem cheap, but they are expensive enough that you wouldn't throw them in a 19 man squad, like a vet squads for example.

I'm not sold on the sentinals though. Just not enough fire power. I can do anything a sentinal squad can do with a leman varient for ~ the same amount of points but av14.

You do the math on sentinals and you realize how ridiculously good the lemans are now. Although i do hope they fix the whole hvy tank ordinance rules wierdness...

And Lou, and blob squad could easily run you from 150 to 600 points. 25 points to make them fearless is an obvious safty net and they are resiliant with 2+ look out sir and the 4++

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 1:10 pm
by The Gunslinger

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 6:58 pm
by deFl0
lol. well lets just wait for 7th ed to continue this conversation. I mean we just inherited the magic phase from fantasy! WTF?

Maybe well switch to square bases and fight like red coats next.

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 9:07 pm
by dooms33ker
deFl0 wrote:lol. well lets just wait for 7th ed to continue this conversation. I mean we just inherited the magic phase from fantasy! WTF?

Maybe well switch to square bases and fight like red coats next.

40k with movement trays? Don't tease!

Re: New IG - Astra Militarium

PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2014 3:57 pm
by WickerNipple
Apparently we're also getting the option to create armies that ignore the force org chart.

Can't wait for 10 Helldrake/Tau Commander armies.