What Next?

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What Next?

Postby Ancow » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:17 am

So with NEWCC hopefully nearing, and lizards almost done, I think after 2 years I might just need a new 40k Army. Question is that I have no ideas on what I want to try. So far I've done:

Thousand Sons.

What I don't want to do:

Something else slow and indestructable.
Space Marines.
Imperial Guard

Things I'm looking for:
Different playstyle than any of the above
Fun to paint
Recently updated
Slightly more competative edge. Or less. Everyone knows TS are the unstoppable army.


Bugs- Could be fun to paint, definitely a tactical change in temrs of number and emphasis on closeness. Not sure they're the strongest list out there.

Eldar- Very flexible, very different than what I'm used to. Downside is everyone and their mom will be playing them and they don't seem like the most exciting thigns to paint, personally. But who knows.

Tau - No. Im pretty sure two well-played mech tau armies at the club would drive everyone nuts.

Undivided/Chaos - Could be fun to try all the neat things in the other 60 pages of the book that I never use.

Dark Eldar- This is very tempting. I think their vehicles and some of the models look neat, they're different, but the main problem I see with them is that there are basically two builds for them. Wyches out the ass, or raider airforce of doom. Plus the other 90% of the models either look like ass or are useless in game.

Anyone have any ideas? Im in a bit of a creative list rut. Theme, tactical suggestions, anything to get my brain going.

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Re: What Next?

Postby -Jarrett » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:36 am

I think you want to skip more Chaos. Daemons and marines are always going to be daemons and marines. Yes, the codex offers you everything, but if you want something different I think you need to move to another book.

The upside of Bugs is they're the total opposite of your Ksons. They do large numbers and close quarters extremely well. The down side is they are one dimensional. There's a lot of strategy but it's all to implement a single kind of tactic. The models are definitely a plus - they're simply awesome and paint pretty easily (even when you're not just drybrushing :p ). I think they'll have what you're looking for.

Eldar look like they're going to offer whatever you could want. They're a flexible army (one of the most) and their revamped models are impressive. I'm not quite sure why you're down painting these - they really reward taking your time (unless that's why...). I think they offer the most enjoyment for tactical play. Also, when everyone jumps on the new army bandwagon it tends to be short lived. Besides that, most warmongers have a version of every army anyway. I think Eldar are and will be a simply great army in terms of fun, models and variety and success of play..

Tau. I wouldn't hesitate to play them just because Ronen's got his. I think you can take a variety of approaches to the Tau list, all flighty and shooty, but still varied. I like the models here too. I think the whole package pales to Eldar, however.

Dark Eldar - well, I play these too! They're a lot of fun to play, very mobile and supremely shooty. I like most of the models personally, but you need to like more than just warriors to enjoy DE. I do the raider force and I think this is the most common. I haven't really seen a Wych army in person - so for something effective but different I think this is definitely your ticket. Also, there is a third build which you see less often, hordes of warrior's on foot with say, 3 Talos. In this kind of force the fast stuff is supplemental, hitting en force where needed.

So, from most to least I'd say:
Dark Eldar
More Chao
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Re: What Next?

Postby elrodogg » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:36 am

I know you said you wanted something recently updated, but how about greenskins? Fielding a hoarde would certainly be different from fielding 25pt troops.

In addition the variety the ork list can give you lets you field a multitude of armies. You can go anything from footsloggin hoarde to a really really fast cult of speed.

While they are soon to be getting a new codex, you know there will be slugga boyz, trukkz, etc. The basics of the army will certainly make it to the new to new codex. Go green!!!! 0] 0] 0] 0]
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Re: What Next?

Postby Ancow » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:56 am

Hrmmm...... Do I dare try to do the dreaded "Straddle Army", Where I simultaneously build Dark Eldar AND Eldar using some nifty conversion and counts as? Sorta an Eldar "Cult of Slaanesh" without the weedy models, that can be readily altered to my whims with some addition and subtraction.... Thoughts?
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Re: What Next?

Postby -Jarrett » Wed Oct 11, 2006 1:42 pm

If you're doing the straddle thing I think you'd be safer doing Eldar models dark than dark eldar bright. It's the kind of thing that will stand or fall on the core conversions.

Greenskins are another really cool army. Really really cool conversion opportunities and core models (not vehicles though), but hard to win with
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Re: What Next?

Postby Jeramakus » Wed Oct 11, 2006 7:31 pm

I'd go for Orks, myself. Specifically Kult of Speed just to get your army on the table before Lou does. That way he'll be so five years ago... ;)

Seriously, Dark Eldar and Orks would be my first two Xenos choices with Tau following close behind. Every army has a multitude of styles to play with, except Necrons I'd imagine, so go with something fun. I'd love to have the time to devote to the three aforementioned armies as I have some cool fluffy builds for them that may just win games...
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Re: What Next?

Postby Flavius Infernus » Wed Oct 11, 2006 9:09 pm

I gotta put in a plug for the other chaos legions. I have 5 now (planning #6) and each one of them plays very differently.

Then LaTD plays even differently from that...
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Re: What Next?

Postby deFl0 » Wed Oct 11, 2006 10:00 pm

Well you've done walking, shooting, resilient hordes of elite infantry. I would suggest A Mechanized army. Tanks are very rewarding to paint and give you a larger canvas to work with for painting and converting.

Mech armies that work and their + and - IMHO:

- IG - Tons of dice, vulnerability to drop pod marines, to keep you shooting going they truly only move as fast as infantry.
- Tau - This army is awesome. It's a generals army. Good general with this army is almost unbeatable. The army dominate by the amount of units on the board. You out shoot just about everything, you are fairly manuverable,and fairly resilient.
- Eldar - You can do a tons of different armies with the new list, but I suspect most people will be running mostly fast infantry and grav tanks. This list gives you a lesson in surgical strike. The right units in the right situation trump all other units inthe game. If things fall apart, you will be wiped off the board. There is a serious learning curve to Eldar.
- Dark Eldar - Fragile and the hardest hitting list in the game I think. Overall I never liked the models, but I love the way they play. They are FAST... Plus if you wanted a great conversion Idea you could run a Dark Eldar army as a harlequin army, especially now that you have all those pimp harlequin models.
- Sobs - This isn't one you've mentioned, but it's a fairly strong list in it's own right. It's actually harder to use than most people give credit for. Faith consumption is the name of the game, and know how and when to use it isn't as straight forward as you think. There are a lot of tricks, plus this list gives you a list that you can ally with other armies.

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Re: What Next?

Postby -Voracioustigger » Thu Oct 12, 2006 2:50 am

Well, if you want a super competitive army, I'd say build Saim-Hann. I'm hoping to reassemble mine quickly so I can use them with the new Eldar codex. Here's a list that I used in a 40k league that went 7-1 (the one loss being a VERY close game)

Farseer - Jetbike, Mind War, Runes of Witnessing - 90

9 Warp Spiders + Exarch w/ Withdraw - 247

2x 5 Guardian Jetbikes 1x Shur Cannon
+ Warlock w/ Singing Spear and Conceal - 536

2 Vypers w/ Starcannons (1 squad) - 130

8 Guardians w/ 2 flamers
+ Warlock w/ destructor, 2ccw's
Mounted in Wave Serpent w/ Twin Bright Lances and Spirit Stones - 233

Falcon w/ Starcannon, Spirit Stones, Holofield
+ 5 Guardians w/ 2 flamers
+ Warlock w/ Destructor, 2 ccw's - 264pts


I think now, I'd be able to take that army and have about 250pts to spare. Sure, I may not be able to take the guardian flamer squad in the falcon anymore (I think min guardian squad is now 10), but it's still a very good all around list. The fact that GW is saying that this list is essentially a 1250pt list that can beat up on most 1500pt lists should be a sign of its power.

Jetbikes weren't that overpriced at 35pts, nor were shining spears at 50pts. An all jetbike army (now possible as they're troops) would be a really fun army to field, and you'll probably mop the floor with a lot of people. It's also an army that you really won't see many others with. (Maybe a few more now, but if people never saw the potential of jetbikes before, I still think they won't see it now)

Also, Eldar vehicles are SOOOOO fun to paint because you can do whatever you want with them. You have free range to be as creative or simple as you like!


Different playstyle? Check
Fun to Paint? Check
Recently updated? BIG Check
More Competitive Edge than KSons? Check (Never lost to KSons with my Saim-Hann army)

Hope that helps.
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Re: What Next?

Postby warmongerclub » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:40 am

Expand your Thousand Sons to 4,000 points!
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