Emps Children for Seattle Conflict 07

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Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Son of Sanguinus » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:38 am

Lash, PF, Doom Siren, str., mutation, speed, aura, visage, infiltrate


6 Infiltrating Noise Marines-192pts
3xsonic blaster, 2xmelta gun
AC-bp/pf, mutation

6 Infiltrating Noise Marines-202pts
3xsonic blaster, 2xplasma gun
AC-bp/pw, doom siren, mutation, str.

6 Noise Marines-264pts
3xsonic blaster, blastmaster, plasma gun
AC-bp/pw, doom siren, mutation, str.
Rhino-E.A., smoke, sonic blaster, warp amp

6 Noise Marines-259pts
3xsonic blaster, blastmaster, plasma gun
AC-bp/pw, doom siren, mutation
Rhino-E.A., smoke, sonic blaster, warp amp

6 Deamonettes-90pts

6 Deamonettes-90pts

6 Deamonettes on Steeds-168pts

Heavy Support

6 Noise Marine Havocs-204pts
4xblastmaster, sonic blaster
AC-sonic blaster

Indirect Fire

1849 pts total
52 models
So what do you guys think? 9 scoring units, 18 deamons, 31 marines.
Built for the hall of heroes system, I was planning to test it out at the bunker's looted RTT. Basically you get any looted vehicle that they have availible or that you can build, for free:hat . So long as its actually availible to the orks.
-Son of Sanguinus
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Thrax » Thu Oct 12, 2006 8:58 pm

Mixing plasma guns and sonic blasters seems like a mistake to me. Blasters are great for assault, so are you going to be assaulting, or shooting? You WANT Children in assault, IMO, and plasma will be dead weight most of the time.

Those are some expensive rhinos. Amp is cool, but those Rhinos WILL get popped, so...

Also: The Lash of Torment is now the most expensive and least useful daemonic weapon. Look carefully at what its special power allows you to do in assault. It's now a shared rule in ALL assaults. It's useless. Get rid of it!!!

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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby subversive » Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:40 pm

You have very little that can punch heavy armor. The blastmasters on the havoks are only str 8, which means you're mostly unlikely to punch 14 armor, and you'll only be hitting one target per turn. A good ordnance blast or concentrated shooting will wipe that unit off the table in one turn, leaving you with nada for reliable penetration.

I agree with Thrax on the lash. Think about a master crafted lightning claw (or pair) with spikey bits on the lord. Hitting first, lots of rerolls, pretty much guaranteed 4-5 casualties on the charge, few if any attacks back = win combat every time
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Brother Suspectus » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:23 pm

I'd ditch all that plasma stuff- use the points to give the Havocs Tank Hunters skill- +1 on the AP that brings the Blast Masters to AP9. Like a las canon that can assualt- sweet!

I would really reconsider the DP with a PF? My 200 point DP would have yours gutted by the time that Power Fist clenches. Stature would be nice on him. Consider a Dark Blade too. Ohh and that lash sucks. Waste of points.

I have had great success with a squad of 12 deamonttes- when they charge they get 36 dice and your odd's of 6's are on averege... 6. So your gonna either kill outright or put a very serious hurting on what you assualt. If you go 12 you still get the plus one on the summoning too.

Good luck brother EC

-Brother Suspectus
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Son of Sanguinus » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:56 pm

To be honest the plasma is there to help buffer my lack of low ap weapons. I want to be able to kill terminators or big bugs. I know warp amp is a little pricey, but most people don't use it so its a great look of surprise on someones face when you tell them that tank shock is at -3ld. As for the lash I can do w/out it, I actually liked it for the -1ld in combat, makes -2 w/ visage.

As for the assaulty feel to the army, really its got more static firepower. Don't forget one of my units stationary puts out more than 10 marines will. The doom siren ACs get to go first always so they can blunt an assault.

As for tank hunter I had it on the havocs, and ended up needing the points for the mounted 'nettes and the defiler.
-Son of Sanguinus
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby deFl0 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:07 pm


This lord could be much nastier. Deamoin weapons don;t come out of gifts any more so they can take more. I would fit in drugs and a dread axe. You really don;t have any character killing and the elevated I allows you to take out character before they can attack back with is hugly important when dealing with 6 man squads.

The two infiltrating squads are the weak part of the list. Maybe one is good for basalisk hunting or deamon summoning but they are mostly just going to be speed bumps for most armies. I would highly suggest you replace these with bikes. The issue is that you can;t control your deamon summoning in a mission that has no infiltrate so your deamons are going to pop out in the middle of the board and get shot to death. If you run bikes you can turbo bost across to summon deamons if needed. Alternatively if you run all rhinos, nothing summons until you get out of the rhinos. So everything usually summons on a 2+ when you want them to come in.

The rhino squads have a little too many toys for my taste. You're not shooting with these guys. You're throwing them into hth. Get rid of the blasters and blasmaster. Take two meltas and give the aspire the doom siren.

As for the deamons and shooty guys... Well my experience is that deamons are for aggresive armies. They don't work well as counter assulat units as they are unreliable. Also, you excel in killing armored guys in hth with slaanesh, but a lot of time you need to soften an army before you hit or you get trashed my powerfists. I think you need to make a choice if you want this list hth centric or balanced.

Balanced = drop the infiltraing squads and take another havok squad with blast masters. And give the all tank hunter.

HTH= drop the infiltrators take some bikes and maybe some more deamons. Also I tend to like squads of 12 over 6 but that's just my preference. With slaanesh, you generally want to hit with combined squads trash your opponenent in one turn, force them to take a test at very poor leadership then use the rhino to corral guys off the board. Rinse and repeat.
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Voracioustigger » Fri Oct 13, 2006 4:22 am

Where did you find this event in Seattle? When is it? I'd love to kick some but with the new Eldar codex if I'm back in seattle when it happens!
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Re: Emp's Children for Seattle Conflict '07

Postby -Son of Sanguinus » Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:45 am

I got the word from the local GW guys, its looking like first quarter '07 probably in Feb. No official date as of yet. They will be using the Hall of Heroes rules, which are availible on the Canadian GW site.
-Son of Sanguinus
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