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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby WickerNipple » Mon Oct 02, 2006 10:02 am

Actually, Malal's number is 10, isn't it?

Swapping daemonettes down to 6 for more furies would be fine either way.
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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby deFl0 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:08 am

This is a pretty good list to start.

Just a couple thoughts of my own. The lord has a BS of 5 and you can give his bike a melta gun. Hit with a melta gun on a 2+ rocks. Also, while it starts to up his cost, a 2+ save that can becoem invulnerable is enough to give your opponent fits, and alows him to exist on his own.

Chosen squads can take a deamon icon. Which rocks. Turn 1 or when ever you want summoning is nothing to sneeze at. Also, they don't scatter so they are very predicatable, plus you can infiltrate the chosen which makes the unit and the enslaved deamon unit a hell of an alpha strike. Use this as a bait unit and you can crush a lot of oppoenents, who will dedicate way to many resources to deal with the situation.

Blood thirster... Just a thought, but these nasties jumping out of a bike unit or an infiltrating unit radically changes the priroity of your oppoenent allowing you to operate the rest of you army unscathed.

5 furies will do nothing for you. Not sure why the rest of you think this is a good idea. It's not.

8 blood letters. Pimp. Best trooper in the game for the point IMHO. Beware of dreads. It's their kyptonite.

7 plague bearers - I run a nurgle army, and these guys are unsung rocks stars of the chaos list. Tehy can take down big creatures, and decimate hordes, plus they are a nasty tarpit that gives you time to pick your charges or delay your enenemy.

12 deamonettes. These guys hit like a otn of bricks but the their true value is that they drop the I of units they are base with. So if you combine blood letters and deamonettes the blood letters go first. Learn to love synergy of warring chaos factions.

4 flamers, 5 horrers.. not enough flamers. The concept is that you are putting a couple ablative wounds in a squad of flamers. 2 horrors. 3 max inmo.

2 X 6 bikes. I've been playing with my bikes for awile now, and I've never used my skilled rider. Yet I still take it. Honestly, I hope it pays dividends some day, but I find the bikes are running around summoning guys, and hunting tanks usually and hit with the fist should the deamons get in trouble. Anyway, I feel your 24 point could be spent better somewhere else.

Indirect defiler rock me long time.

Oblits are a nice flavor too in an undivided list. Seriously you could basically drop the 12 CSMs and take two oblits. JAck up the fury squads and take the skilled rider poitn to up the screamers. That would make the list stronger in my mind.

My two drunken senc.

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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby -Jarrett » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:44 pm

"5 furies will do nothing for you. Not sure why the rest of you think this is a good idea. It's not... My two drunken senc." -Pete
"Furies are better than Daemonettes. I would suggest reducing the Daemonettes to 6 and bumping up the furies." -Jarrett

Thrax, I don't get what you're seeing that I'm not. Daemonettes strike first always. So? Furies have initiative 5 so almost always strike first and at a higher strength. They've also got flight, which makes them far more flexible, far reaching, and gives them a greater ability to pick their fights. And they've got higher toughness to insure they get there.
IMO the Daemonettes are a soft unit which are ideally suited for dual charges. Their ability is not the shit, since, for them, it's basically the equivalent of having a high initiative. It only takes a single daemonette to benefit another unit in CC, so 12 is a waste of points when there's a better straight up alternative.
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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby deFl0 » Tue Oct 03, 2006 12:06 am


I think it's not the Iinitiative bonus, it's the rending that demonettes get.

12 charging demonettes is 6 rending kills and 1 more regular kill agaisnt marines.

10 furies will only kill about 3 marines. Furies has a lot of other boons. They a very cheap for what they get and most importantly they are fast. Plus the S5 allows them to hunt the back of tanks, and the flying allows them to get there. They absolutly decimate other troops like small nids, orks, etc in a way that deamonettes don't.

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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby Arash » Tue Oct 03, 2006 9:13 am

Ok then. I really only did 12 daemonettes because so many people said they were better that way. I am still very noobish with 40k.

Anyway, so I cut 6 daemonettes. Get 10 furies. I have 35 pts left. With that I get two more flamers(so that would be 6 and 3 like pete was talking about)
i now have 23 pts left. With 12 of those I put undivided back on the small CSM units.

and with the 11 points I have left I put a meltagun on my lords bike.

Ok, so I am playing fantasy against dave h this week but the week after that I will be available for anyone who wants to play against me in my first game of 40k. ever.
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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby -Jarrett » Tue Oct 03, 2006 11:30 am

Yes, very true Pete, forgot about the Rending.

Still like furies more since he's got plenty of threats vs Marines as is.

Arash, those changes sound solid. Now practice practice practice
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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby OtherGary » Tue Oct 03, 2006 10:03 pm


Here's the breakdown of my Wordbearers. They're a losing army in the current 40K edition and I've got to update them but they're ideal for proxying. Here's what I have:

In the black GW hardcase:
-Dark Apostle- crozius, pistol
-2x 5 man squads with bolters, lascannon, plasmagun, icon
-1x 5 man squad with bolters, lascannon, icon
-1x 5 man Havok squad, 2 autocannons, 2 heavy bolters, 1 bolter
-1x 5 man squad with bolters, heavy bolter, flamer, icon (Rhino, cardboard box)
-1x 10 man squad with pistols, ccw, icon (Rhino, cardboard box)
-9 Horrors
-8 Bloodletters
-7 Plaguebearers
-6 Daemonettes
-6 Furies
-5 Chosen with pistols, ccw, powerfist, icon (Rhino, cardboard box)

Cardboard box:
- 3 Rhinos (I have the hatches, smoke launchers, combibolters and dozer blades as seperate pieces so mix and match to whatever you need),
- Predator w/ autocannon, Havoc launcher, heavy bolter sponsoons

Trading card box:
-10 Flesh hounds
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Re: Word Bearer's list

Postby deFl0 » Wed Oct 04, 2006 12:33 am

From a min max perspective word bearers have a couple strong builds.

Their strength is tha they can have 9 troop choices and troop choice are very strong in the chaos codex.

So to max out the list people tend to do 9 units of deamons or nine units of 6 man las plas squads.

Other boons are:

- cusrsed crozus is a good item
- blood thirster
- oblits

Their is nothing under powered about this list. I just won a gt with a list that could have almost legally been a word bearer list. Just swap my deamon prince for one equally nasty, and run the bikes more naked.

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