Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby Slyde » Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:17 am

I make it a point to explain anything that the other person wants to know. Not everybody is familiar with other armies, and I don't want them to start at a disadvantage simply because they don't know what my army is capable of. I always have a list on hand, and have no reservations whatsoever about telling my opponent everything I am going to deploy right down to all the wargear.

If people are swapping lists on you based on what you deploy, you need to play with different people or at least ask for a list beforehand. My lists change all the time simply because I have more models (and armies for that matter) than I can field and am still trying things out, but I would always produce a list if asked before a game.
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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby -Sgt Dirty Dozen » Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:46 am

I just wanted to make sure that the "zipper policy" wasn't something being done all over. From what I gather, it's not done anywhere.

Therefore, I will ridicule it to prevent it from taking further root. Either way it will be fun. It also gives me a chance to show off my Armor, which I so rarely use.
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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby deFl0 » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:05 pm

Wow, I'm completely on the other side of the fence on this one.

In most of the places I've played you generally don't disclose your list prior to play. Disclosing your list is usually a tourny thing.

Then again I think there is different levels of tolerance between fantasy and 40K. Someone walking up to the board and saying I deploy nothing is fairly common place. In addition, their are a couple situations where the rules specifically say that you are specifically allowed to keep things hidden from your opponent like who your deamon vessel.

That said, I've always played hidden armies is the norm but if your oppoenent shares their list, I do as well.

Really it makes the game very different. Without knowing your opponents armies you are coming up with tactics mid game. If I know you list, I've already calculated what it takes to win every match up and how I'm going to deploy in order to do it.

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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby mauleed » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:10 pm

I don't mind hidden lists with someone I know, but I try to avoid it with strangers. There's little upside and far too often I find out the guy composed his list with no grasp of the rules or is a flat out cheater.
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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby subversive » Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:57 pm

Friendly play is completely different from tournament play. If you're playing in a tournament and someone is "sly," that's also referred to as "cheating," and they should get disqualified and ridiculed. If it ever happens again, they should be 86ed from local tournaments. There's no reason that bad behavior should affect the way honest players deploy.

Playing friendly games on the other hand, there's really just no way to enforce anything. You pretty much play how you want to play. If you don't enjoy playing with someone the way they play, ask if they'll play your way. If they won't, move on to other opponents. If your shop owner is someone you play against regularly, or someone you know well enough, you should just give him a little shit because his bad experiences with other players shouldn't be a burden on his games with you.

Something of this nature actually came up in a tournament game we played a while back. One of the (now former) members of our club has a really nicely painted undead dragon that he brings out, ostensibly to show off with his VC army. However, he made no effort to inform his opponents that the model wasn't actually IN the army that they were about to line up against. This really ticked off at least one opponent, as he felt it was a dishonest representation of what was in the army. I'm inclined to agree. Behavior like this gets you a bad reputation as a player, and being the gossipy bitches that we all are, these things tend to live with you for years. Much better (in my opinion) to just put it all on the table.
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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby -The Fabulous Orcboy » Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:13 am

What Nidal said.

I always provide army lists for people, and because I like to know what my opponent has, and what his list is capable of doing, before set-up, I usually trade lists with him at the start of the game, or ask for a quick run-down of all his units (I cheerfully call it my "scouting report").

That said, I'll take my cue from other people. If they're not interested in telling me what they have, and keep their models hidden until set-up, I'm happy to assume that they're playing a "misdirection" game, and will cheerfully pull out models and units that I will not be fielding, and set them all up on the table-top. ;)
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Re: Protocol: leaving your pcs in the case until last min

Postby -Dracon El Ttaes » Tue Oct 03, 2006 12:07 pm

Yeah, I could see that as being a fun way to do it if both players agreed on it ahead of time. (One more way to represent the fog of war, right?)

On the other hand, it would make it awfully easy to do the things that it's supposed to be preventing (slipping in different units or lists on the sly is a lot easier if you haven't put your stuff out beforehand.)

I tend to be pretty easygoing, but the other guy would have to be a really fun player if that was gonna fly
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