Bike Stratagems

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Bike Stratagems

Postby -Brother Suspectus » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:48 pm

After reworking an EC CSM list I have settled on 6 CSM Bikes (a squadron of Raven Wing Fallen who were seduced by Slaaneshi biker gogo deamons...). Yup, they earned the favorism too... To make them ride a little more recklessly they are joined by a Chaoss LT on a bike.

Any mongers want to share some bike wisdom? I have had so so luck with bikes in the past. Both with a DA army and with this Chaoss army. I always ran them in squads of three and found them with little punch. Running now with 6 they should have much more punch.

I held them in reserve hiding behind a building waiting for a moment where I could jump in an thrash a bit... plug a hole where needed. Also I just noticed that when they Turbo... they get a 3 save, not a 5 save like I thought. That makes Turbo much more usefull.

How do you play bikers?

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Re: Bike Stratagems

Postby Flavius Infernus » Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:49 am

-All chaos bikers always need skilled rider skill. They often want to assault into cover (or get cover saves) so 2 points to save a 40-point model from instant death is a bargain.

-A good combo for a slaaneshi biker champ is doom siren and a single lightning claw. He doesn't lose any attacks for only having one claw (since he wouldn't get the bonus anyway) and doom siren + warp scream allows him to strike I4 models first in cover.

-Sonic blasters always get 3 shots if mounted on a bike. Sometimes bikes don't shoot much, since they're either boosting or assaulting, but it's only 2 points.

-Because of the high cost of each model, plasma guns on bikes are generally not worth the risk of overheat.

-If you use daemons, bikes are an awesome delivery system.

-Always keep turbo-boosting bikes out of the charge range of units that get lots of armor-ignoring attacks. The invulnerable save only works against shooting, so something like a unit of terminators or a monstrous creature are the preferred counterchargers against bikes.

-Also keep turbo-boosting bikes away from incinerators. It doesn't make any sense, but according to the RAW an incinerator (or psycannon) kills turbo-boosting bikes with no armor save.

Other than that, what you do with bikes depends on the rest of your list. Like all fast, small, elite units, if they zip up and try to attack by themselves, they will die. They can take out isolated dedicated shooty units or be successfully equipped for tankhunting. They will win attrition battles with a unit of s3 models (who need 6's to wound) but a big unit of guys with a powerfist character will get them. So for assault they need to coordinate with another charging unit such as daemonettes (mounted or foot) or a hitty character or big daemon--or they can countercharge.
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Re: Bike Stratagems

Postby -Brother Suspectus » Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:26 pm

Once again your wisdom is formidable and appreciated. Your students are lucky Tom (and with 30K a year tuition they better be...).

Ill add skilled riders. I would love to add the sonic blasters but points are getting scarce and they are not intended to be shooty in anycase.

The Asp Champ model I have is fitted with a PF. I also included a melta gun. The idea was that if I needed tank hunting they stood a better than average chance of switching to that role. Heres the unit as it stands now:

Favored Chaos Bike Squadron        total:        265

6x Chaos Bikers                204
Mark of Slaanesh        30
Melta Gun                10
Flamer                        6
Aspiring Champion w/ Power Fist        15

Bloody expensive huh? But they do look cool on the board.

I think I tried in the past to zip and assualt. A model would get blasted away and then there were two.. or one. weak stratagem. Now with the larger squad they should be more effective. I realize now that I need to coordinate the HTH better. I'm going to post the list later today after a little more tweaking. There is going about three units that coodination will work well with. Tandem HTH... OK I see the light. Like Pete says.. CSM EC is an in-your-face army. I concur.
-Brother Suspectus
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