Autarch pics (among others)

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Re: Autarch pics (among others)

Postby -Thrax » Wed Aug 02, 2006 12:24 am

I think the new Fire Dragons look great. Honestly, without the wings, I don't think the Autarch would look too busy at all. With them on, he's got the whole "Shoot Me!" thing going.

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Re: Autarch pics (among others)

Postby -the black prince » Wed Aug 02, 2006 9:40 pm

i had no idea what an autarch was supposed to be: and found this in the epic ruleset.

While a craftworlds Seers act as its
guides and counsellors, there are also
times when the Eldar look for
powerful leaders and masters. In
times of war, this role is fulfilled by
the Autarchs great Aspect Warriors
who have trodden the Path of the Warrior for so long that
the every incident of battle is known to them. The Autarchs
are looked to when a craftworlds Seers deem that the
Eldars fate is leading irrevocably to war, and it is these
same individuals to whom such wartime leadership is
charged. The skill, cunning and experience of these Eldar
is unrivalled, and so the Autarchs lead their fellows to
battle, imparting every lesson of war they can. Autarchs are
great leaders on the battlefield, but it is here and here alone
where they lead the Eldar, for they are individuals with
nothing but the fire of war coursing through their veins.
Autarchs do not permanently maintain their rank. Each is
an Exarch, and when not at war will return to their shrine
to rule them as an Exarch would. Instead an Autarch will
assume power only when he believes his path calls him
strongly towards his fate, towards war, and then by an
exertion of sheer will the Exarch will assume Autarchy and
gather about him all the Warriors he needs to follow his
path. To most Eldar, the act of Autarchy is a horrifying and
dangerous concept an act by which an Eldar allows
himself to be taken over entirely by the pursuit of war, led
by their path, consumed by it, no longer its master. At best,
the actions of an Autarch will be guided by the Seers, at
worst they will be guided only by the Path of War.

...for what it's worth. :lol
-the black prince
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Re: Autarch pics (among others)

Postby elrodogg » Wed Aug 09, 2006 12:44 am

Are they producing new warp spider models?

I know about the new death jester, but what about new basic harlequins models?
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Re: Autarch pics (among others)

Postby -Thrax » Wed Aug 09, 2006 12:49 am

From what I understand, no on both counts. The consensus seems to be that the current Spider models are good (I agree), and that they need to fill out the core choices and aspects before touching on the rare stuff. But this is still rumor.

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