Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

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Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -thehod » Fri Aug 04, 2006 1:55 pm

Hello all, Hod reporting for my battle report in the Chicago GT

My list had the following units

Pimped out Archon with punisher

Semi-Pimped out Dracon with Agonizer

4 squads of warriors 2 darklance

2 squads of raider warriors blaster/splintercannon

3 squads of haywire wyches with agonizer and blaster

2 ravagers with 3 disintegrators

all raiders had horrofexes

1st game vs Drunken Irish Marines: Cleanse Omega

This was a real fun game and a great guy to play and he easily let me let the lord come in the raider when I rolled for the 2 of them, but the fun kinda started going south as his marines were whiffing left and right, I chose to go 2nd and honestly the dice really made the game much easier for me than it was for him, he would often fail tests, miss easy shots. My raiders killed his drop podding dreadnaught and termies as they came in piecemeal and I killed everything of his army but his commander who challenged my Dracon and seeing how my Archon needs to get rid of potenial rivals told the Dracon to assault the commander and the dracon got squashed. The game was good overall and I loved the theme of the army. I only wished I brought a Guinness with me.

2nd Game Vs Orks: Cleanse Gamma

This ork player was pretty good but had some WYSIWYG problems as he used a trukk as a scorcha by putting the burna boy on it and I thought it was a trukk squad with a burna as the special weapon. This caused a really bad mistake on my end but later I turned it into my advantage. His Kommandos killed one of my ravagers while the rest of his army took forever to kill the other ravager but big blast killed several warriors. My horrofexes worked real well in pinning the kommandos and letting the raider squads rapidfire/splintercannon to death them. I mostly stayed back from the rampaging greens and thanks to the lava board, It took them 4 turns to get within assault range and his killa kan squad was reduced from 3 to 1 and nolonger scoring unit. My strategy was to slowly take down all his squads underhalf and stop them from being scoring and for my wyches to assault 5th turn and take advantage of a largely rokkit list that only has 24" range. The Highlight of the game was his trukk boy squad assaulting 2 squads of warriors but the first round a combined 10 warriors killed 4 trukk boys and he whiffed of his assault rolls and only killed 3 warriors. Next round 17 warriors crushed the rest of the squad and captured them. Towards the last turn I sent all my raiders to the lone looted leman russ in his quarter and immobilized it with a raider squad zooming to capture it. His big bad ork mass only had 1 scoring unit at the end thanks to a charging wych squad that rolled +1 strength and wiped out a whole ork mob in 2 assault rounds. Another Massacre

Game 3: Chaos "2 Oblit to Quit" Cleanse Omega

This game I did feel kinda fatigued but this was perhaps one of the better games of the day. I lost the roll and went first keeping quiet and staying out of LoS of his havok squads and waiting for his army to come on. He came in with plenty of toughness 5 bikes, oblits, lord on bike, bloodthirster. 2 Bad turns of shooting and assault turned what could have been a win into a tie. He did very well in capitalizing on my mistakes and this guy was no slouch being the 2nd place gladiator tournament guy. After 1 round of my wyches delivering 3 wounds on a bloodthirster, he came back and wiped the squad and then proceded to rampage the rest of my army behind me mostly warrior squads but I kept my quarter contested. the Middle was 1 bloodletter squad and a chosen bike squad full of +2 saves and +5 invunerables that 1 squad of wyches seemed to have held off and kill the bike squad thanks to the succubus. My lord overdosed on drugs with 3 ones and Dead on sight heh. The game was well played and I capitalized on one quarter which made it a tie.

Game 4: Ironwarriors, Take and Hold Omega

This guy is one of those long playing gamers that seem to think they are all that and since these are the last 2 games he was very very strict on the rules and being cutthroat on it. He was the first to disallow my lord riding with the raiders even when I said I would roll the two of them in the beginnging. He did a mostly infiltrating iron warriors army with oblits and plenty of teleport homers while only having 1 heave support. His army was just trying to take advantage of the rules set in the GT packet so no ordinance either. His biggest mistake in the game was letting my darklances get shots on his obliterators. He lost 4 obliterators in 1 turn of shooting and my shooting outshot his and he did wield a dreadaxe monster of doom but hid him behind terrain most of the game. He tried to bait me contasntly by putting a squad of his infiltrating marines right on the objective thinking I would assault the very next turn to get rid of them. My plan included dropping a horrofex on the squad and pinning it to make it not a scoring unit as well as sending the lord+_dracon on another squad to bring it underhalf. The end result was a minor win as he hid most of his army behind the big peice of terrain in the middle that was the high ground and I sent in the rest of my troops plus my raider squads and a wych squad inside the 12" markers. It did help alot with the horrorfexes that made a possiable tie into a minor win.

Game 5: Guard Cleanse Gamma

Normally I would not take 1st turn in a cleanse unless I knew I had to and facing 139 models with little terrain to hide was good cause to go 1st.
He only had 2 indirect bassies and tons and tons of missile launchers, lascannons, and 6 heavy bolters. It was old Skool guard. He had Ulsar Creed and yet despite his rule for 1st turn, I managed to win the roll and he rolled 3 ones. I 1st turned assaulted him with a wych squad taking cover as reinforcements. I took to my archon and dracon to take on individual squads and even sent a raider squad to do some damage as well. His shooting was horrible, it took his whole army to down half my vehicles and he had +16 heavy weapons pointed at them. But in close combat, I have never seen anyone roll so many saves on +5. His averages for rolling +5 saves were basically like marines; he would lose 3-4 models a combat and almost never break thanks to creed and even with sometimes -3 or -4 to leadership. He did break when he had to and managed to kill 2 of my wych squads due to their bad massacre rolls. Both my archon and dracon died to the masses as well. My foot warrior squads took cover and claimed quarters and got out of los of his weapons while my ravagers killed 1 bassie and then blew the weapon off the other.
The whole game I managed to kill 112 models with 33 models including the raider squad , 3 wych squads, and both lords. He would have lost more but his saves were the best I have ever seen for a guard player and his shooting sucked so it evened out in a weird way. Towards the end of the game, he gave me a smile and surrendered his army for me to take and turn to slaves so I managed the Massacre from him.

In the end I ended up with 83 battle points out of 100

I still loved dave's idea of horrorfexes and every army I faced against werent 100% fearless. Infact the horrorfexes worked better than I expected. MY biggest dissapointment was the fact I never once used my haywire grenades in the tournament as almost every army I faced had mostly infantry. The tournament favored infantry and the Dark Eldar's best anti-infantry weapons are the close combat wyches.

The Raider squads worked real well in grabbing objectives and never once got wiped and they got some real nice shots on the enemy.

Wyches seem to do the dirty work as usual so no complaints

Ravagers do what they do as well no complaints

My lord died the most this tourney but due to the fact mostly he isint a scoring unit so I felt I could be more reckless with him and it worked about 80% of the time.

It was a great tourney and all and I only had one real picky opponent and 0 bad games but the awards ceremony was just real sad and 3 awards for 140 participants is just not cool, some RTTs have more awards for 10-14 people than this tournament which was the one real gripe I had.

The Winner of Chicago GT was Shaun Kemp of Da Boyz and 2nd place overall was some tyranid guy and I forgot who was 3rd overall

pictures coming soon ... Hopefully

on a side note. I should have gotten 4th place but due to a clerical error on the judge's behalf my theme/roster score was a 0 despite me submitting a 250 word theme and a printed Roster up to GW standards. I placed way below but still consider myself 4th and a very fun trip.
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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby VectorAWX3 » Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:41 pm

Nice report! Make sure to post those pics when you get them. Good work with the Dark Eldar. There are many who say it can't be done under the new rules, but you've proven them wrong.
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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -the black prince » Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:35 pm

heh - thanks for this.

He was the first to disallow my lord riding with the raiders even when I said I would roll the two of them in the beginnging.

not familiar with dark eldar - what's the issue with the lord riding with the raiders?
-the black prince
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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -Thrax » Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:47 am

MY biggest dissapointment was the fact I never once used my haywire grenades in the tournament as almost every army I faced had mostly infantry. The tournament favored infantry and the Dark Eldar's best anti-infantry weapons are the close combat wyches.

You were still right to bring them -- nothing worse than getting stuck whacking the side of a Predator with a wet noodle.

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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -thehod » Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:50 am

thst issue has to deal with my lord walking into the game where normally I would attach him to a squad at the beginning of the game. But due to escalation he starts off the board and unable to come on in a raider. I normally ask if I can attach my lord to the squad with the raider providing I roll for both the lord and the squad during the reserves roll. Most people are cool with it but one or two people need to win so badly that usually dont allow me to.

This Iron Warriors guy along with many seemed to have left the GT during the last round and didnt care to play at all. This I find even more offensive than cheesing out an army because it shows the true nature of who you are playing and how much of a power gamer they are.
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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -yankeeboyminis » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:54 pm

So let me get this right:
Your opponent would not allow you to take an action that is not allowed by the rulebook, which would give you an unfair advantage? And in a tournament setting, no less? Wow, the audacity of him. What a power-gamer.
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Re: Chicago GT 2006 Dark Eldar rampage

Postby -thehod » Sun Aug 06, 2006 12:27 am

im such a bad bad powergamer

i should be strung up by my arms and crucifie
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