Additional Questions For Jarrett

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Additional Questions For Jarrett

Postby -GESSIG » Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:19 am

1. I was thinking of putting a VC and BS on my Carnifexes and using them as gun fexes but it goes against my style of play of sending my whole swarm forward. What do you think?

2. Does regenerate work for you? Your carnis look really expensive. Do your carnis ever win back their huge point cost?

3. Why a lictor? Fun to play or do you like the extra reserve roll? How effective has it been?

4. Crushing claws - Is it worth the cost to have a 33% chance of having less attacks per turn without it? How has it worked for you? It seems a real gamble.

5. I have the dragon wings for my HT. How hard is it to attach them to the metal body of the HT? Where is the best place to drill the holes?

6. You have 6 synapse creatures. Do you ever feel they are not enough? Does the winged HT find itself often outside of synapse range of the gaunts or do you try to keep it in range of the gaunts?

Thanks for all the help.
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Re: Additional Questions For Jarrett

Postby -Jarrett » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:21 am

1) The VC is on the carnis for two reasons. Firstly, they move 6". While I tend to deploy them as centrally as possible to assure they get into close combat, the Venom Cannons gives them the ability to reach accross the table and take an active role in the battle for the early turns. This means they're earning VPs, or at least preserving them. Secondly, some heavy tanks are serious threats to a nid list. Predator Annihilators will reliably claim a TMC in two turns. Keeping vehicles like this rocked from my first turn on is extremely helpful. And you'd be surprised how often you get that glancing six when you're constantly rolling on the chart, which you will be thanks to strength 10, Assault 2.

2) Regenerate has been hit or miss. When it's on I find it can really be a ball breaker. In a recent game vs Necrons I regenerated one of my Fexes with 1 wound back to 4. That's a difference of 125 VPs and a renewed TMC threat. As you said, my fexes are really expensive so why not go whole hog? 5 wounds typically gives me plenty of regenerate rolls.
As to whether or not my fexes earn back their VPs is a bit of an abstract question. They're a lot like falcons in the sense that they're points denial. It's very hard to score all the points for one. Additionally they suppress tanks and can usually claim at least a squad each in assault. Also, very importantly, they can babysit an objective like nothing else.

3) Lictor is in for the reserve rolls. I only had the points for one, and I find that extra reroll makes a big difference. VS some armies, with good placement (or bad placement on their part) and a little luck, he makes for a decent lockdown unit. Basically he can take on light stuff, and at least lock up a unit like devastators.

4) I like crushing claws a lot. I found 3 attacks to be a bit paltry. The average is 3.5 with claws, and the potential additional kills the claws give you with a little luck mean your carnifex is free to move into another squad that much sooner. It can make all the difference.

5) I just pinned dragon wings to the shoulder plates of my tyrant. It's a little unnatural to be growing wings out of chitin plates but it was easy and fast. Pinning is essential. Beyond that place it wherever it looks good. I liked them raised above my tyrant because it went with his aggressive pose. And, again, it was the easy way.

6) Synapse hasn't been too much of a problem. As I said previously my walking tyrant almost never dies. If my opponent is pouring fire into that squad trying to peel off the guard he's likely ignoring some other big threats. Nids operate in waves. The fast gaunts should be within synapse of the winged tyrant and those on foot within range of the warriors or walking HT. Also, in certain circumstances, you can string out your gaunts to make sure you maintain synapse control
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