Flames of War at Blob's Park, Sept. 24th

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Flames of War at Blob's Park, Sept. 24th

Postby mikeatshowcase » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:14 pm

http://www.innercirclegamingclub.com/Ba ... _Park.html

(Ignore the schedule that is part of the tournament packet, that's for 40k and WFB, and 4 rounds.)

3 games, Late War, 1850pts.

Registration or sign in is at 9:00am, and start time is 10:00am. Please try to pre-register. There is room for a certain number of tables at the site. The TO will be assigning table spaces based on registration numbers for the various games being played. There will probably be a couple of extra tables for people to sign up that day, but why take chances? This is a qualifier for nationals and there will be slots for nationals given out based on attendance (12, 18, etc).

Blob's Park is the oldest German Beer Garden in the US. We'll be playing outdooors under a huge covered pavillion. Lots of good food and beer available. The winner of each round receives a couple for a free beer! (soft drink for under 21). After games are over there is a barbeque, poker, and other silly games until very late. Huge amounts of open space to camp if you so desire, but I'm not sure about facilities like showers.

More info going up on the Inner Circle website soon. http://www.innercirclegamingclub.com/Ba ... _Park.html
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