Warhammer WWI in 28mm

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Warhammer WWI in 28mm

Postby Miles Gloriousus » Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:01 pm

I tried this out at Historicon two weekends ago. Interesting rule set in development, but seems pretty much ready for printing. It's based on 40K, but really simplified. Troops stats are relatively similar, with certain equipment having an edge over similar equipment (French 75s, German Spandau MGs, etc.). I'd imagine there are different ratings for conscripts, vets and elites. I found it pretty simple and fun to play.

the set up was a reinforced French company of four line platoons and a heavy weapons platoon (four HMGs, a 37mm trench gun, a tank-mounted 75, and two mortars) defending a (nicely sculpted) trench section against an advancing German battalion supported by an MG tank and a weapons company (several mortars, trench mortars, and HMGs).

In the end, the French defended their section of the trench, though the Germans had got a solid foothold with one squad of stormtroopers. Though there were only about six of them, they were tearing through the left of the trench system and had taken out the company command and the leftmost platoon (assaulting through the side of a trench instead of attacking frontally means the defenders can't resist well).

I liked this game a great deal and can imagine that tank battles, city assaults, and other more mobile battles can be even more fun. I'm seriously thinking of painting up a platoon or two of Tommies.
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