Insurgency: The Half Life 2 Mod You Should Play.

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Insurgency: The Half Life 2 Mod You Should Play.

Postby Ancow » Wed Jul 11, 2007 2:39 am

If I had to sum up Insurgency in one sentence it'd be this: "Counterstrike without the retardation". If I had to sum it up in more than one sentence I'd probably summarize it like this:

Insurgency is a realism based FPS set in modern day Iraq, with two sides (Marines and Insurgents). What sets it apart off the bat from other "realistic" FPS games I've seen is the complete lack of a HUD or other information aside from navigation. There are no cross hairs. Shooting from the hip is handled through a well-done "autoaim" system that works pretty well at close range, not so much at a distance. For that you need to use iron sights. Theres no health bar, stamina bar for fatigue, or even a counter to tell you how much ammo you have left in the magazine. According to the developers, weapons are extensively detailed, with such effects as weapon weight, ricochet, bullet penetration. Gameplay takes some getting used to, as its really easy to get picked off if you try to run off alone, as the game encourages tactics such as suppressive fire and sticking together. Also I believe Friendly Fire is the default, making things doubly tense when you can't see exactly who you are shooting at. The mod was just recently released, and still needs some technical polish with things like hit boxes, but other than that I think it's pretty great and should appeal to some of the military buffs on the board.


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