Couple of stand out issues for me.

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Couple of stand out issues for me.

Postby Moral_Crisis » Tue May 12, 2009 2:53 pm

Going to be a bit blunt here so I hope you don't mind the candor.

1.) Magic: What happened to the casters? It made them really cool for me.. reason is the fact that as it stands the Magic system is a bit reliable and a bit too good. Bound Level 7 for rolling a 2+? The threat of miscast is a far better balancer than attempting to create a whole new method of doing magic. It would also put a bit of balance and variance on the spells, instead of them all attempting to be "the same" as far as power.
All in all: don't turn CD into Tomb kings.

2.) Rabble: Make them one base size. This may erk some players, but honestly if this book is going to be taken seriously by anyone, don't leave in indecisive notes like this. The problem is also with how the base sizes interact in game play, how much space they take up on the table, etc. I think it'll serve everyone a lot better if they were just 20mm and stayed there.

3.) Deamoneater: Just go ahead and bump it to 115pts or so and give it 4 wounds. Continuous Impact hits? Add another 20-30pts. This thing will decimate ASF armies by itself almost. (average 4 hits wounding on 2s against elves)

4.) Swivel Canon: You may want to say it ignores any modifiers for multiple shots. I'm not sure if other WMs that use the same language say this or not though.

more later.
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Re: Couple of stand out issues for me.

Postby mattbird » Tue May 12, 2009 2:59 pm

welcome to the boards!

candor is welcome. :)

If you could, please post these thoughts under the individual unit entry threads, so better for everyone to be able to discuss them.
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