a question, a concern..

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a question, a concern..

Postby method » Tue May 12, 2009 4:54 pm

By now, i am sure everyone has seen alot of the initial reactions by each other, and while playtesting hasnt began in the earnest, i would like to ask a couple of questions...

Kevin, i understand you are creating this for the benefit of Indy GT's, but as such i also noticed this list is only posted
of GT veteren websites.. (chaos dwarfs online the exception)
saying that, already i have seen some of the others cry "this unit is broken/useless/will never be fielded/etc"
i guess my point is, i personally am hoping this list, and it's adoption by many people, will hope to bring the CD on the radar of GW eventully, and as such
every list is going to have some units better than others.. basically i know alot of NON tourny players that would enjoy this.

i just want to know how you feel about it... is it a list to make all the GT players happy, or will you keep some of the less-than-awesome units (discovered after playtesting)that just happen to be fluffy?
as a chaos dwarf player, i am not saying i want crappy items or anything, i am just saying in any given enviroment, some players will only take the best items in the book...
i dont want those other "weaker" items all transformed into "ring of hotek" or weak units into the black guard, just based off a certain type of player. (saying that i am a tourny player as well)
you would be suprised on the number of themed armies you run across, with the less efficent units...

thats all, minor concern
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Re: a question, a concern..

Postby KevinC » Tue May 12, 2009 5:05 pm

Hi Jerry!

I understand your 'concern'. Let me say that although I attend a lot of Warhammer Tournaments, I by no means consider myself a 'tournament player'. I enjoy making background flavoured, themed army lists and choose troops and models that I like regardless of there 'power level'. I also enjoy making 'poor' units work rather than taking the no brainer stuff.

That being said, the list is *not* just for GT players, I hope that ALL Warhammer players will enjoy and play with it. I'm sure, for example, that most of the 'GT players' have no interest in making a Hobgoblin Horde, which the list allows you to do.

I hope this answers your question and puts your concern as ease.


Kevin out
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Re: a question, a concern..

Postby method » Tue May 12, 2009 5:13 pm

thats what i was hoping for... good stuff!

BTW, speaking of the hobgoblins... what are the chances of getting a unit of the "mounguls" in the army list, as alot of the hobgoblin wolfriders available now are the DOW unit.. i dunno maybe the hobgoblla khan sent them over or something... heh
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