Thoughts & view from GoC on the Chaos Dwarf project

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Thoughts & view from GoC on the Chaos Dwarf project

Postby GeneralofChaos13 » Thu May 14, 2009 12:56 pm

Most of the time, when I post on the forum it's for shock value and to pull strings. On this part of forum ONLY, I do not plan to do this. [sorry disappoint my fans as being the villian of the forums] Now remember I'am a Chaos player and only play Chaos armies. So I love to see Chaos Dwarfs be a part of the Warhammer world again. As I would end up making this my next and 4th Warhammer army in my collection. So I hope Matt & Kevin both read my post before making the next draft list.

My thoughts and views:

A] Fluff- Keep to the frame work and fluff of past editions of Chaos Dwarfs from editions 1-5 and the Ravishing Horde list for 6th edition. I would re-work the names of past magical items & weapons and use them for names of new items in the book. Try to keep as close to the blue print that been laid out by Games-Workshop in the past. We all know that Chaos Dwarfs need lot's of changes to compete in 7th edition Warhammer. But try hard not to go outside of the box too far. It's a thin line not to cross, but in the end you want the die-hard Chaos Dwarf to embrace your work the most.

B] Keep the new Chaos Dwarf book simple. If you want this list to be used at Indy GT's in the United States? You need easy rules for people to understand and to follow. The last thing you want to do, is make any of the rules for the army to be complicated or difficult to understand for the casual gamer.

Example of this: The new magic phase

If Chaos Dwarfs have never used the bound magic system in the past? Why go against past CD tradition and so far outside of the blue print used by GW in the past? [now I agree, it's a cool new concept] But keep the magic system simple and to the fluff of past editions. Why have a ton of rules questions come up on the new magic phase? I would stick to the magic system that always been used by Chaos Dwarfs. I would not even make up a new CD Lore, unless they had one in past editions and then I keep and use there spell names? I would have them run the same lore opitions used in the past Ravishing Horde list.

Final thoughts:

If you keep to the fluff of past CD editions and keep the army simple to use? You will have a winner on your hands and lot's of gamer's will embrace your vision of Chaos Dwarfs. I for one wish you the best of luck in this tough project. As your going to get so many people pushing you one way or another in so many directions. In the end I hope this will open the eyes of Games-Workshop to show them this is a popular army and people would love to see them back ASAP. Hope to see the return of Chaos Dwarfs to the Indy GT scene soon.

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Re: Thoughts & view from GoC on the Chaos Dwarf project

Postby mattbird » Thu May 14, 2009 1:41 pm

George, this was your best post ever. I agree with everything you said.

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Re: Thoughts & view from GoC on the Chaos Dwarf project

Postby mikkjel » Sat May 16, 2009 12:33 pm

I definitely agree with keeping the rules simple stupid, and not introducing too much new, just in case they conflict with existing rules. Such situations would never get the proper "official" resolutions people seek.
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