Rykarth The Unbreakable (Idea)

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Rykarth The Unbreakable (Idea)

Postby Dedwrekka » Sat May 16, 2009 7:39 pm

Wanted to throw in this idea, but wanted to try and keep the character discussion to characters currently in the list. If the moderators feel different, feel free to move the topic out of the general discussion.

Rykarth the Unbreakable was a hero level special character "Immortal" for Chaos Dwarfs in the Nemesis Crown Campaign, and as such got a lot of playtesting from Chaos Dwarf players (we even had narratives going and planned out where he'd show up in our battles). In game terms he was a Chaos Dwarf Hero, wearing the Armor of Ghazrakh and weilding a great weapon, he also counted as a BSB. He played quite well as a character in both large and small games, even though he was fairly simply armed (It was a common wargear combination for Heros anyways). I enjoyed playing him in the Nemesis Crown, so I wanted to present the idea of using him in the list as a Hero level special character of the type which has appeared in multiple other army books in recent editions.

A little background on the character and how he was played out in the campaign. He was head of the Immortals with some immortal bodyguard type group with him, and as a chaos dwarf character in a full summer campaign was pretty well universally hailed by the community. The Chaos Dwarf community allied with the Orcs and Grimgor (Da Warpath) for the campaign, and thus Rykarth featured heavily in our narratives as second to Astrogoth (We planned to try and steal the crown from the Orc allies if they won it). The narratives and information was put in the battle narratives when reporting battles in addition to our narrative for the actual battle. We got a mention from GW a couple times.
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Re: Rykarth The Unbreakable (Idea)

Postby mattbird » Mon May 18, 2009 9:50 am

Great idea, and we need special character heroes. Kevin!
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Re: Rykarth The Unbreakable (Idea)

Postby KevinC » Mon May 18, 2009 10:16 am

Agreed, thanks for this...
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