Blunderbuss Blunder?

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Re: Blunderbuss Blunder?

Postby Matt » Wed May 20, 2009 10:58 pm

mattbird wrote:proposal:

12" range
str 3. Add +1 str per current rank bonus up to +2 maximum.
May move and shoot with no penalties.

The unit may either roll to hit normally (1 shot for each model in front rank) OR may fire a special blunderbuss grapeshot attack.

Blunderbuss Grapeshot
Target an enemy unit or model as per the normal targeting rules. Instead of rolling to hit as normal, roll a D6 for each model in the targeted enemy unit. Models are hit on a roll of 4+.

What happens when a unit of blunderbusses are on a hill and should be able to fire in 2 ranks?
A) If I'm 6 wide and 3 deep, do I get 6 shots at S5 and 6 shots at S4?
B) If I'm 6 wide and 3 deep, I still only get 6 shots at S5. The 2nd and 3rd rank are already considered to be firing.

What happens when a unit of blunderbusses fire at a large target and all in range should get to shoot?
A) Everyone shoots, each rank shoots at a strength based off of the ranks behind it.
B) Only the front rank shoots, all the other shooting is taken into account by the increased strength.

I like the idea, but what if we went with:
Blunderbuss: R12", S3 armor piercing. Ignore movement and range modifiers.
OR, the unit all lets loose a lethal spray of Blunderbuss Grapeshot.
Choose 1 unit within 12" and normal arc of sight. If 5 or more models in your front rank can see, Roll 1D6 for each model in the TARGET unit. They are hit on a 4+. Add +1 to the strength for each rank of 5 or more models after the first, with a max of S5. Grapeshot is not armor piercing.

Last questions are:
Should you be able to Stand and Fire with the Grapeshot (I'd say yes)
Should the normal shooting have a better range? (again I'd say yes; a shot gun slug has a better effective range than shot, I'd vote 16" shooting, 12" grapeshot).
Then again, just sticking to 12" would be more simple.

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Re: Blunderbuss Blunder?

Postby Aves » Wed May 27, 2009 4:13 pm

How does blunderbusses work against charges? At what point is 12" "template" measured to check what models are affected?

Also few notes from myself,

If BB shoot hail of indirect fire then its perfectly viable for BB to massacre infantry units, on the contrary they are weak agains small er units so unit of 5 calvary or heroes on monsters. If we have unit with both strong and weak aspects, then its right for such unit to be fielded, in my oppinion this will only add depth to the game,

But lets get to some math

with BS 3 BB hit on basic 4+, its a very short ranged weapon 12", so in most cases CD will move 3" to increase effective range. If movement penalty is implemented then hits will happen at 5+, so around 32% chance to hit. Long range sems to be very difficulut play wise, first 6" without -1 last 6" with long range minus, will cause lots of measuring and in efect troubleshooting.

Strenght, well unit of 21 BB 7x3 would cost 230 odd points, without command. Its huge block with limited maneuverability, and its points compare to huge amount of longer range troops.

Question: How many models is required in a rank to contribute to strenght increase, will setting limit to min 5 be reasonable? And in my oppinion shotting with 2 different strenghts would cause a lot of confusion.
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