My take on dwarves of Chaos thus far....

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My take on dwarves of Chaos thus far....

Postby method » Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:45 am

From a long-time tournament player, and warhammer fan, (took them to balti 99 and recently got 16th in a 50+ player field/ trust me, pretty good for the RH vs powercreep..)

i have a couple concerns of the topics brought up so far on these forums.. (i'd post more often, but some people basically say what i would have anyhow..)

First, There HAS to be a way to make core chaos dwarves worth taken, WITHOUT giving them chaos armor. The weapon teams are a step toward the solution, but the chaos armor thing was enough to turn alot of local virginia tourny players against the list. thus play-testing has stopped..
(i know the CD forged the armor, but to people who dont visit the site, it looks like a rip off from chaos's list..)
keep in mind, i dont know how to make chaos dwarves more attractive either..

which leads us to the removal of the hell-cannon choice, for reasons stated above... (it has chaos dwarves, yes.., but leave it for chaos..)

Hobgoblins, archers 5 points units of 10, and hd/shield 4 points units of 20+... PLEASE any other option for either, and people have unusable minis.. (and that is exactly what this list is avoiding, right, if you guys get to use your juggernaught mini, dont make it hard for me to use my hobgoblins... )

chaos dwarf magic, I love it, great idea, maybe make the daemonsmiths, produce 1 dispel dice each, and get rid of the DWARF special rle... but all in all it's innovative, (i hope you dont get rid of it)

ob guard , Start at 12pts with just Chaos Armour, killing blow
+1 shield/GW
+2 xhw
these guys look to be hammered out nicely by larry and company... but only if the core chaos dwarves lose the chaos armor option... (insane i know..)
kinda cool idea for the elite guard to have better armor, name it something else though..

daemoneaters, could use a point decrease, along with the golems, (still not convinced that the golems will EVER see tourny play, )
nothing crazy, but shed a few points..

I like the sneaky git rules, i like that they are similar to the dwarf rangers ...ranked scouts with neither dwarf army getting skirmihers. (save those type for scouts for the elf types)

and finally adjust the magic item point limit for the hobgoblin lord, 50 pts??? are you kidding me, I wanna field old-school hobgobbla khan's mounguls, please adjust the hobgobin character's magic items allotment..

i know this list isnt supposed to be tier 1, but with all these changes, i believe the list to be perfect (for me anyway<) and certainly not over the top.
NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING short of the army being unbreakable will make this army tier one, GW set that bar PRETTY high.....

so i see no harm, in making the units more playable. (and the CD warriors would have gotten weaker..) so no need to be gun-shy with the point costs.

just some of my opinions, so please no one take offense :D

Jerry (method)


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Re: My take on dwarves of Chaos thus far....

Postby Larro » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:55 am

Jerry, I fully support your post. We share similar ideas from Hobgobbos to Golems to Obsidian Guard to the Demoneater, so let's hope the powers that be take a listen.

- Larry
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Re: My take on dwarves of Chaos thus far....

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:23 am

Jerry, can you IM me? my user name is mbirdoff
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