READ ME: Theoryhammer vs. Warhammer

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READ ME: Theoryhammer vs. Warhammer

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:06 am

Hi all, I wanted to start of by saying thanks for all the feedback so far, it's been truly helpful in making this project work. There is one thing I want to address though, which is feedback through simply reading the book vs. feedback through actually playing games.

For tweaking existing units, theoryhammer is fine; Hobgoblin archer unit sizes, for example.

For anything that is not based directly off of the current RH list, theoryhammer is NOT what we are looking for. We will be primarily looking at feedback from actual games played with the current playtest rules as written.

An example; people had theoryhammered that Golems were underpowered and overpriced. However, playtest games have consistently shown that they are essentially good as is. Therefore, apart from points adjustments, we will not be changing this unit.

It is of course totally fine to discuss anything you like in the forums, that's what they are here for. But Kevin and I will be primarily making changes based on feedback from actual games.


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