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I will be updating this thread as common questions are resolved. These changes will all make it into the final book. Included here are ONLY the changes which need an official look. Other questions which can be answered by the core rules I will answer individually within each thread. Pointing questions will be added to another list. Thanks!

Q: What is the point of giving characters blunderbusses?
A: Characters should not have access to blunderbusses. This option will be removed.

Q: So if you are down to US 1-4, they can no longer shoot at all?
A: correct

Q: can his re-roll ability be used to cancel miscasts and cause IF?
A: No, as per the rulebook. -Kevin

Q: Mechanical Locomotion rule needs to be updated (he is now I2)?
A: Right he is I2 in total. -Kevin

Q: Still a bit confused why Hobgoblin characters pay so much for light armour? Is there a reason for this?
A: Thanks for pointing this out. Yes typo. Should be +3 pts for Chieftain, +2 for Overseer. -Kevin

Q: The random spell for the daemon weapon, can it be defaulted?
A: YES! -Kevin

Q: Joining the Kollosus? does this displace a guy, or is there room for 11?
A: He displaces a crew, I thought this was in there? -Kevin

Q: How does the Kollosus Unit Strength effect the blunderbuss minimum size for shooting their volley?
A: For a unit of Blunderbusses to fire, the unit must consist of 5 or more models, not Unit Strength. - Kevin

Q: Does it destroy any ward save, such as demonic saves? The BRB states that regeneration is now a kind of ward save, so does regeneration goes too?
A: If a model has a ward save, regardless of source, it is destroyed. Regen, as per the rulebook, is not a ward save, however. -Kevin

Q: There seem to be some discrepancies between stats for certain units/characters. For example, pp.11 has Hobgoblin Overseers with WS4/BS4 while pp.40 has them at WS5/BS3.
This is not the only instance of two pages having two different statlines for the same entry. Which one are we supposed to use?
A: Hobgoblin Overseers are WS5, BS3. -Kevin

"Forged in the Hell Pits of Gorgoth and enchanted by Sorcerers of Hashut, the armour illuminates with an aura of fire as blows are turned aside.
Chaos Armour. When the wearer of the armour is wounded by a magical attack or flaming attack he gains a 3+ ward save."

Q: does this mean that a model in this armor must TAKE a wound from a magical attack, and after that, they have a 3+ ward save against anything? Or does it mean that he gains a 3+ ward save vs. magical attacks?

Chalice of Fire
"The most potent Priests of Hashut consume raw, hot magma from massive bronze chalices, fueling their bodies with infernal energy. The Chaos Dwarf player may choose to roll a D3 at the start of any player
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