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Re: New player & new place to play!

Postby Alice » Sun May 16, 2010 5:28 pm

the only day that isn't *great* is Friday, when we have a large amount of Magic players in the store, and space is fairly limited. Last Friday we scavanged a table for some people, but I can't guarantee we can always do that (until we buy more tables, which will hopefully be soon!).

Here's our schedule for the week:

Monday May 17: 7pm - Beginner's Magic the Gathering! Have you always
wanted to learn how to play the best game in the world? Come by our
store and get a free 30-card intro deck, which we will teach you how
to play! Also going on- Casual Magic, Standard Playtesting, and Elder
Dragon Highlander League!

Tuesday May 18: Closed

Wednesday May 19: 8pm - Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Eldrazi
Draft - $15

7pm - Warhammer Terrain building party! Come bring supplies to make
the most awesome terrain ever for the store! Also: miniature painting.
Every Wednesday at the store! Come trade tips and tricks, or learn

Thursday May 20: 6pm - Board game night! Bring board games, or play
ours! Bring friends, or meet people to play with! Every Thursday is
board game night at the store!

Friday May 21: 7pm- Friday Night Magic. Standard and Draft, games
start promptly at 8pm. $15

Saturday May 22: 3pm - Women's Gaming Day! Come play all kinds of
games with other women in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Beginners
more than welcome!

Sunday May 23: 6:30pm - D&D Podcast. Come listen to the Roll For
Initiative crew do a live podcast on 1st edition AD&D from the store!

Unless otherwise listed, events are free with membership or $3 entry.
Memberships are monthly, and pro-rated for the month, so if you would
like unlimited access for the rest of May, it's only $7! More
information on our memberships is here:

As always, you can come play board games, roleplaying games,
wargames, Magic, and more at any time! The above listings are not
exclusive, and we encourage other games to be played at all times!
The Twenty Sided Store -- Williamsburg's friendly gaming store!
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Re: New player & new place to play!

Postby slyphor » Thu May 20, 2010 9:58 pm

Women's gaming on Saturday - does this mean that men may not play that day or men may play before 3pm or that it's just designed to encourage the ladies? I think some Warmonger folks are heading down there on Sat(am I right)? If so, what time are people planning to roll over?


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