March 6th Game Auction at Showcase Comics 500+ Lots

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March 6th Game Auction at Showcase Comics 500+ Lots

Postby mikeatshowcase » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:31 am

Here's the bulk of the stuff going up for auction in two weeks. This one has a shitload of old models and interesting stuff. Most stuff goes pretty cheap, hardly anything even approaches 1/2 retail, and a lot of it much cheaper. Worth the trip down.


It’s that time of year! Clean out your closets, dump your junk, trade up for some new stuff, or come pick up an armful of used miniatures at bargain prices!


At Showcase Comics

Sunday, March 6th

-Preview of the items from 11am until noon.
- Live Auction goes from noon until about 4pm
-Over 350 Lots.
-Units, armies, bitz bags. Painted, unpainted, and some still in
the box and unopened.

Everyone has games, figures, books, and other things they don’t really need. Haven’t played with in ages, or just don’t want anymore. But what you don’t want, someone else does. The Auctions at Showcase Comics let you turn your unwanted games in, they get auctioned off, and you receive the amount they go for in store credit. Drop off a bunch of unused stuff, we split it up, auction it off, and if it sells for 200.00, you get to pick up 200.00 in new stuff from Showcase. You can pick up your credit totals as early as Tuesday, the 8th. (It takes us a few hours to total it all up and double check.)

You can check out the growing list of items at both stores, and on our forums at Show up that morning and take a look at 350 different lots of items. Get a complete list of items with your bidding number on the back. When things get going, take part in the live auction, and take home some bargains. Everything goes that day, and nearly everything is no minimum bids.

Dropping off items to be auctioned:
You can turn in your items at the Granite Run Showcase, or talk to Mike Ludwig or Chris Cooke at the Bryn Mawr store about getting them transferred down. Remember, 90% of the games turned in are from Games Workshop, mostly Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. But we do get a smattering of Flames of War and other historicals, Battletech, and Dungeons and Dragons. You can put any gaming material into the auction, but most of the people there to bid are looking for miniature games. We’ll take items up until about a week before the auction, but we can also only take about 350 lots of items total. If we fill up quick, your stuff will have to wait until the next one in July or August.

Got questions? Give Mike Clark a call at the GR store. 610-891-9229, on the forums at, or by email at

Lot Number Item
1 Box of 5 plastic Chaos Marauder Cavalry, unbuilt
2 Mawloc/Trygon unbuilt
3 Genestealsers, guants, warriors from Battleforce and McCragge, unbuilt
4 Converted Genestealer Broodlord
5 Carnifex with Crushing Claws and Scything talons, unpainted
6 Carnifex bits
7 Hive Tyrant with BS & LW, venom cannon, unpainted
8 3 plastic Ravenors, unpainted
9 10 plastic Gargoyles, built but unpainted
10 Tyranid Lictor, newest model, assembled and unpainted
11 Tyranid Lictor, newest model, assembled and unpainted
12 Tyranid Lictor, newest model, assembled and unpainted
13 15 Genestealers with Scything Talons and Carapace, white primered
14 Original Box of 10 Death Company marines. 1993 Jes Goodwin models.
15 Vampire Counts Black Coach in box
16 Box of plastic Bloodletters
17 Vampire Counts Black Knights in box
18 Empire Handgunners in box
19 10 small 5 count boxes of older skeletons. (50 models).
20 Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant in box
21 Space Marine Chapter Masters in box
22 25th anniversary Silver Box with Harry the Hammer
23 Skarsnik bitz, missing Goblas main body
24 Flames of War: KoenigsTiger in box (1 Kingtiger).
25 Flames of War: KoenigsTiger in box (1 Kingtiger).
26 Flames of War German Paint set
27 Flames of War Desert Rats Paint set
28 Flames of War Soviet Paint set
29 Flames of War: Panther A platoon box (5 panthers)
30 Flames of War Quartermaster Paint set
31 Flames of War: Sherman Armored Platoon (5 British tanks).
32 Plastic Model Kit: King Tiger
33 Plasic Model Kit: Tiger II
34 Plastic Model Kit: Jagdpanther 1/35
35 Plastic Model Kit: Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger
36 Plastic Model Kit: 1/35 Panzer kampfwagon IV
37 Plastic Model Kit: 1/35 Panzer kampfwagon V
38 Epic 40,000 big boxed game. Unpunched, unused
39 23 plastic Dryads, built and unprimered
40 24 plastic Dryads, built and unprimered
41 2 packs of GW modeling flock
42 Bloodbowl: Lead models of MorgnThorg and Kurt
43 Gamesday 2005 Space Marine Veteran
44 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain
45 Lizardman Razordon blister
46 Woodelf Wardancer Command blister
47 older Dwarf Bolt Thrower blister
48 Sisters of Battle blister
49 Lizardman Salamander Hunting Pack blister
50 Ogre Maneater with big hammer blister
51 Saurus Temple Guard blister
52 Lizard Man Character: Chakax the Eternity Warden blister
53 Lizardman Salamander Hunting Pack blister
54 older Dwarf Bolt Thrower blister
55 Ogre Maneater pirate blister
56 Ogre Maneater paymaster blister
57 Black Templar High Marshal Helbrecht blister
58 Crom the Conqueror blister
59 Gamesday 2005 Space Marine Veteran
60 Saurus Hero on Cold One blister
61 Morathi on Dark Pegasus blister
62 Imperial Tank Commanders and Tank Riders blister
63 Orc Character Grumlak and Gazbag (WAR promo) blister
64 Lizardman Razordon blister
65 Special Edition: Animosity Orcs
66 Special Edition: The Chase (goblins and squigs)
67 Woodelf Waywatcher Lord blister
68 Black Reach Terminators x5 black primered
69 10x Very nicely painted High Elf Archers
70 2x Woodelf Warhawk Rider blisters
71 Lg. bag of loos Helldorado miniatures, unpainted, unassembled
72 Box of Vampire Counts Blood Knights
73 Set of 5 metal bitz to make High Elf Dragon Princes, no horses
74 Chaos Lord on Demonic Steed (current model)
75 2x GW plastic hills, painted and flocked
76 Games Day Trollslayer in package
77 Manfred Von Carstein, mounted
78 Vampire Lord on foot
79 Wood Elf Treeman
80 10x Necron Flayed Ones, black primered
81 Landraider, on sprue
82 Big bag of Imperial Guard sprues. Infantry, Chimera, hvy weapons
83 10x Space Wolf 13th company Wulfen, no packs or bases
84 Painted Blood Angel Librarian Mephiston
85 Vampire Counts Winged Terror bitz
86 Ogre Tyrant
87 Cadian Snipers x3
88 Games Day 2009 Exalted Champion of Chaos
89 Terminator Chaplain
90 Bloodthirster of Khorne
91 10x metal Chaos Warriors with halbards (from chariot model)
92 5x original Necron Immortals
93 Vlad, Konrad, and femail vampire lord
94 Steel Legion weapon crew x9, and a mortar
95 5x metail Space Marine Terminators
96 Empire Engineer on Mechanical Steed
97 Chaos Lord on pile of Skulls
98 LE Space Marine Captain. Black Templar
99 Empire Wizards on sprue
100 The Myster Box
101 Skullz Promotion: Hammer of Sigmar
102 Skullz Promotion: Chaos Symbol Belt Buckle
103 Nicely painted FOW German Elephant
104 4x Imperial Guard Sentinels
105 2x FOW Stug 33B blisters
106 4 FOW german Brumbars, basecoated
107 Nicely painted FOW german Panther
108 FOW Tiger, unpainted
109 2x FOW GE160, SdkFz 10/5 2cm anti-aircraft
110 5x FOW SU120, Soviet Assult Guns, Su-76i (midwar)
111 5x FOW SU120, Soviet Assult Guns, Su-76i (midwar)
112 11 High Elf Dragon Princes, mounted mage, mage on foot
113 Bitz Bag: Mostly metal Chaos bitz
114 Seige Equipment
115 Bitz Bag: Bloodthirster and Minotaur Bitz
116 Bearmen of Urso/Chaos Marauders
117 Gorka Morka Ork Nob with foot on ammo crate
118 Limited Edition Ogre Kingdoms Bruiser
119 Master of the Chapter: holding helmet
120 Limited Edition Vampire Counts Army Banner
121 Kroot Shaper
123 Dark Eldar Warpgate marker/dome
124 10 man Devastator Squad, original plastic beakies, well painted
125 Garagrim Ironfist, Dwarf slayer hero, blister
126 Dark Elf Beastmaster blister
127 Dark Elf Dread Lord blister
128 Dark Elf Execution Command blister
129 Dark Elf Black Guard Command blister
130 8 plastic Saurus Temple Guard on sprue
131 Empire Hero box, missing banner bit
132 8 High Elf Silver Helms on sprue
133 30th Anniversary Figure
134 Empire War Altar box
135 Dark Elf Cold one Knights box, older models
136 10 plastic Daemonettes on sprue
137 Warhammer LTD. Edition counter set
138 Bag of LOTR Minas Tirith Warriors
139 10 painted IG cadians
140 Bag of 30 unpainted Hormagaunts
141 Bitz from the Giant kit
142 IG Sentinel
143 IG Bitz
144 Bitz Bag
145 Carnifex with barbed strangler and venom cannon
146 10 Space Marines
147 9 unpainted Genestealers
148 Carnifex with 2 sets of Scything talons
149 Carnisfes with scything talons and barbed strangler
150 10 genestealers
151 20 genestealers
152 23 genestealers
153 Eldar Vyper on sprue
154 Empire Army Book
155 Tau Empire Codex
156 Lizardman Bitz
157 Tomb King Bitz
158 Ork Trucks, Dreadnaught with missing bitz, more orky bitz
159 Ork Deff Kopters
160 Older Chaos Warriors and bitz
161 Tomb King and Tomb Queen Kalidha
162 2 Packs of Rebel Grotz
163 Ork zap gun, Kannon, Lobbers, 4 in all
164 Skaven clanrats, older warp firethrower, older clan Skyre Warlock
165 Beastman Tuskgor Chariot, unpainted
166 Amazon Bloodbowl Team, partially painted
167 LoTR metal cave troll
168 Al Rahirm and 3 Tallarn Imperial Guard models
169 Chaos Troll
170 3 older ork trucks
171 4 metal orc boar boyz
172 BFG Space Marine ships
173 Logan Grimnar and 1 metal SW terminator
174 LOTR hobbits (frodo,sam,merry,pippin) and Frodo and Sam in orc armor
175 Goblin fanatic, 2xsquigs, herder, shaman
176 Warcaster Denegra
177 2 x Chaos Space Marine Bikes, NIB
178 4 terminators
179 Ogre
180 3 LOTR army of the dead models
181 2 Tanith Ghosts
182 Ogre Bitz
183 Orc Boltthrowers, older models, missing wheels
184 Hobgoblin Wulfriders x2
185 Bag of 15 spirit host models, singly based
186 5 metal Dark Angel Marines, in robes, and bits
187 Space Marines and bitz
188 4 Black Reach Ork Warbosses and bitz
189 Tyranid Bitz
190 Older ork biker bitz
191 Older Dark Eldar models and raider
192 Skeletons and vampires
193 Big Bag of empire models and bitz
194 Tomb Kings Bitz Bag
195 High Elf Bitz
196 Beastman Bitz
197 17 ork boyz and bitz
198 Ushabti x4
199 Landraider sprue with tracks, side, doors
200 Mysterious Box Behind Door #3
201 Metal Pink Horrors x10 painted
202 Big Bag of Skull Pass Dwarfs
203 Dwarf Skull Pass Cannons x4, organ guns x2
204 Anvil of Doom
205 Bag of Ultramarines
206 Ultramarine Rhino
207 Misc. bag of Tyrnanids
208 7th edition WFB rulebook
209 FOW unpainted russian SU-85 x2 pieces
210 Tomb Kings Ushabti blister
211 Tyranid Zoanthrope blister
212 3 blisters of FOW GE 791 SS Panzergrenadier Platoon
213 Box of Tyranid Hormagaunts on Sprue
214 Box of Tyranid Hormagaunts on Sprue
215 Box of Tyranid Hormagaunts on Sprue
216 Box of Tyranid Hormagaunts on Sprue
217 40k HC Rulebook 5th edition
218 Chaos Marine Codex
219 Imperal Armor Volume 7: Seige of Vraks part 3
220 14 Plague Marines painted and based
221 Painted CSMarine Rhino
222 Painted CSMarine Rhino
223 10 Space Marines on sprue
224 4 Imperial Guard sentinels on sprue
225 30th Anniversary Figure White Dwarf
226 22 Kasrkin Stormtroopers. (2 boxes plus 1 melta, 1 plasma)
227 AOBR Dreadnaught parts
228 Old School Steed of Slannesh
229 Imperial Guard Hero with powerfist x12, need stripping,
230 8 different Flames of War army books
231 Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes NIB
232 Chaos Marine Squad NIB
233 Dark Eldar Raider NIB
234 10 Painted Genestealers
235 Bag of 26 beastman Gors
236 Ultraforge Giant kit, unbuilt
237 2 metal minotaurs
238 3 metal minotuars with great weapons
239 3 metal minotuars with great weapons
240 10 genestealers
241 3 Dragon Ogres
242 Chaos Centigors x5, in box
243 21 Ungors
244 10 unpainted 40k based, plastic, bloodletters
245 5 centigors , unbuilt
246 Minotaur Lord in Blister
247 Demon Prince in blister
248 Minotaur Lord in Blister
249 Morghur, beastman character, in blister
250 Khazrak and Redmaw, in blister
251 Minotaur Lord in Blister
252 5 painted and based Centigor
253 Tuskgor Chariot
254 Minotaur Lord, black primered
255 Painted Beastlord
256 Partially painted Beastlord
257 6 nicely painted and based minotaurs, metal, with extra handweapons
258 Black Primered Beastlord
259 Origninal Rogue Trader Marine Landspeeder, 2xMM, Salamanders
260 Dark Angel Ezekial in blister
261 Warboss Nazdreg in blister
262 Marauder Giant, in blisterbox, unbuilt
263 Marauder Griffen, in blisterbox, unbuilt
264 Marauder High Elf Dragon, in blisterbox, unbuilt
265 Marauder Dragon (small dragon - MB5), in blisterbox, unbuilt
266 Marauder Emperor Dragon (Rare!), in blisterbox, unbuilt
267 ForgeWorld Dark Eldar Raven unbuilt
268 ForgeWorld Dark Eldar Raven unbuilt
269 5 metal savage orcs
270 8 classic beaky techmarines holding torches, toolboxes, wrenches
271 5 metal savage orc boar boyz
272 5 blisters of High Elf Dragon Princes including standard and champion
273 12 empire plastic heroquest models
274 Ork Battlewagon black primered
275 Ork truck, black primered
276 Necron Monolith, painted
277 5 painted Terminators with Lightning Claws
278 Techmarine and Thunderfire Cannon, unpainted
279 Master of the Ravenwing, unpainted
280 2 Landspeeder Typhoons
281 5 Darkangel Robed Veterans
282 6 Black Primered Terminators
283 5 painted Assault Marines
284 Ravenwing Bike Squad: 6 bikes and Attack Bike
285 Chaplain on Bike and Terminator Chaplain
286 5 marine scouts painted in camoflage
287 Black Reach Dreadnaught
288 Black Reach Dreadnaught
289 5 Space Marine Devastators, 2xLC, 2xPC, primered
290 11 space marines
291 25 Space Marines in a black/red color scheme
292 Vindicator
293 Rhino
294 Rhino
295 Razorback with Heavy Bolters
296 Whirlwind
297 Landspeeder Storm
298 LandRaider Crusader
299 Ork Boss Skikrot and Black Reach Warboss, painted
300 Ork Killer Kan
301 Skorne Titan Gladiator
302 Nicely Painted Lizardman Carnosaur with Lord
303 Hordes Circle Druids, Overseer, Black Clad Wayfarer
304 Hordes Circle Starter Battle Pack
305 Hordes Circle Woldwarden
306 Hordes Circle Sentry Stone and Mannekins
307 Hordes Circle Shifting Stones
308 Hordes Circle Kruegar and Lord of the Feast
309 Painted Farseer, unpainted wraithguard and 2 scorpians
310 Wraithlord
311 Painted Ghazghul Thraka
312 Landspeeder Storm
313 Lizardman bitz
314 Space Wolf and Worldeater bitz
315 Ork bitz
316 25 Painted Dark Angel Marines
317 10 unpainted plaugebearers with command
318 5 unpainted Grey Knight Terminators with Capt. Stern
319 Box of metal horrors
320 Box of Cryx Bane Thralls
321 9 metal horrors of Tzeentch
322 3 Chaos Obliterators, unbuilt
323 Inquisition Henchmen blister
324 IG Commisar blister
325 Clasic Space Marine Captain with ax blister
326 Nork Deddog, Ogryn Bodyguard
327 Emperors Champion
328 Nork Deddog, Ogryn Bodyguard
329 3 blisters Aurora Chapter space marine shoulder pads
330 2 blisters Tactical Squad space marine shoulder pads
331 Brettonian Battle Pilgrims Blister
332 Imperial Missionaries box
333 3 packs of kasrkin Speaceal weapons (melta and plasma)
334 Cadian Kasrkin Box
335 Cadian Kasrkin Box
336 Greater Demon of Tzeentch in box
337 Orc Lord on Wyvern in box
338 old Hordes of Chaos army book
339 ForgeWorld Leman Russ Vanquisher turret
340 Captain with combiemelta conversion
341 Emperors Champion
342 Tau Ethereal with two wands crossed over his chest
343 Ironhands metal bitz
344 Blood Angel winged Captain conversion
345 old style Leman Russ Exterminator in box
346 old style Leman Russ Demolisher in box
347 Bog of Goblins and bitz
348 Big Bag of plastic orcs with extra handweapons
349 Big Bag of plastic goblin wulf riders
350 Big Bag of old metal and old plastic black orcs
351 Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorceror
352 Huge bag of Space Marine and 40k bitz
353 Huge bag of plastic WFB bitz
354 Big Bag of 20+ plastic orc archers
355 FOW: 7 painted German Halftracks and an unpainted infantry platoon
356 60 old plastic goblin archers and 6+ fanatics
357 Big bag of 40+ older goblin plastic spearmen
358 10 metal orc boar boyz on plastic boars
359 Huge and very Heavy bag of 40 metal orcs on metal boars
360 IG Chimera on sprue
361 3 Flames of War German Stugs
362 10 Ruglugs Armored orcs
363 13 blister packs of FOW Italians
364 Box of FOW Ju87 Stuka airplanes
365 Landraider, unpainted (bad glue job, nothing moves)
366 old whirlwind
367 Rhino chassis
368 old whirlwind
369 whirlwind/predator chassis
370 Predator
371 oldschool razorback
372 Metal Space Marine Command Squad with chaplain and techmarine
373 Dreadnaught with Lascannon and missle launcher
374 Dreadnaught with Asault Cannon and Powerfist
375 2 landspeeders
376 Dreadnaught with Asault Cannon and Powerfist
377 Tacsquad x10 with powerfist and plasmacannon
378 9 terminators
379 3 marine bikes
380 6 metal Assault Terminators
381 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
382 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
383 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
384 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
385 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
386 Bag of Tactical Squad Marines
387 7 assault marines
388 6 metal marine scouts
389 Painted Tau Piranha
390 Tau sniper drones, unpainted
391 8 Vespides, unpainted
392 20 Kroot, unpainted
393 20 Tau Firewarriors with Carbines and Etherial, unpainted
394 Forgeworld Tau Broadsides x3
395 Chaos Chariot
396 30 metal Chaos Marauders with flails
397 Large Dark Eldar bitz assortment
398 Microart Studios 40mm Temple bases pack
399 Microart Studios Amazon heads, 2 packs
400 6 Classic daemonettes of Slannesh
401 Chaos Dwarf Earthshaker Cannon
402 Chaos Dwarf on Great Taurus
403 Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblin Boltthrower
404 15 Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblin Sneaky Gitz
405 19 orc warriors
406 5 savage orc boar boyz
407 5 savage orc boar boyz
408 88 old plastic goblin spearmen
409 50 old plastic goblin archers
410 Orc Rock Lobber
411 2 metal River Trolls
412 Skarsnik and Gobla, older model
413 13 Saurus Warriors from 5th edition
414 Slann (yes, an original Slann!) animal handler with 4 sabertooths
415 8 Brettonian Grail knights from 5th edition
416 5 Brettonian Knights of the Realm from 5th Edtion
417 Hippogriff
418 27 plastic high elf spearmen
419 27 plastic high elf archers
420 20 classic metal Wood Elf archers with command
421 12 assorted wood elf heroes, mages and riders
422 original wood elf Treeman
423 20 classic zombies with a wraith and vampire
424 14 grave guard with Battle Standard and Krell
425 8 mounted wights
426 Vampire Counts Black Coach
427 Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror
428 Hell Steed with MTd. Necromancer
429 Hell Steed with MTd. Necromancer
430 Fantasy Warriors (GW's very first plastic models)
431 several packs of 15mm WWI figures
432 15mm WRG DBA/DBM Ancients -Entire Far East Army
433 Call of Cthulu Figures
434 Tactical Conflict Resin River System
435 Gorka Morka rules and scenery
436 Ork Truck
437 Eldar Wave Serpent
338 Eldar Wave Serpent
439 17 Dire Avengers and Farseer
440 5 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch w/ML
441 5 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch w/Shuriken Cannon
442 10 Eldar Storm Guardians
443 10 classic eldar with shuriken catapults
444 17 classic eldar with support weapon
445 10 chaos Marines Champions and heavy weapons
446 5 plastic Space Marines from Space Crusade
447 10 Classic Chaos Renegades and heavy weapons
448 10 classic Slanneshi Renegades
449 9 Classic Chaos Renegades
450 9 Classic Chaos Renegades
451 6 classic noise marines
452 5 classic chaos renegade havocs
453 5 classic chaos renegade havocs
454 5 classic chaos renegade havocs
455 Tyranid Carnifex
456 Tyranid Red Terror
457 4 Classic Imperial Robots
458 Classic MKI Dreadnaught Rogue Trader
459 Classic MKI Terminators
460 12 traitor guardsmen
461 Classic Marine Landspeeder
462 Classic Marine Landspeeder
463 Classic Marine Landspeeder
464 Classic Marine Jetbikes
465 Classic Marine Attack Bike Squadron
466 10 genestealers
467 5 terminators
468 15 oop Dark Eldar Warriors on sprue
469 6 dark elf witches
470 Plastic Palm tree sprues
471 30 plastic 5th edition skinks with bows
472 Ork Killer can conversion
473 2 primed white High Elf Silver Helms
474 2 sprues of aegis defense line
475 14 4th edition high elf spearmen
476 3 painted High Elf Silver Helms
477 2 painted High Elf Dragon Princes
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Re: March 6th Game Auction at Showcase Comics 500+ Lots

Postby Guy In Suit » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:56 am

I believe this is referred to as an 'epic shitton' of product.
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