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Dakkacon July 8-10, Lowhammer GT, 40k tourney, lots more

PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 11:51 pm
by mikeatshowcase
The first Dakkacon was such a good time, we decided not to wait a year. We're going to combine what we did at the event last January with the GT that we usually run in July. The DCM Mosh Pit has put on their thinking caps and will begin spewing forth the little events and games they want to run, but for now I wanted to get out the rules for the GT. This year it's going to have a change in format. In prior years it was a 2999 tournament, with an emphasis on big armies. But that's pretty standard now for 8th edition. This year, we're going the opposite way, and running what we've nicknamed "Lowhammer". The big spells are toned down, Demons get to stay home, and some of the 'must take' magic items are strangely missing. There are some ideas stolen from ETC and other tournaments. It's a toned down rules set that we're pretty sure will appeal to some people, and not to others.

Other events we'll be running will be announced soon, and have rules and descriptions going up over at in the Dakkacon section of
-Friday Night Fight, a 1000 pt 40k tournament
-Tyranid Hivefleet Conversion table
-Horus vs. the Emperor scenario
-Speed Painting
-Chaos in the Old World and other board games.
-bitz swap
-and probably the return of some of the events from last time like the 500pt 40k and WFB campains.

We'll be doing food each day, late night gaming until 2am, and a cookout on Sunday. If anyone wants to run a game, just send me a PM or an email at
The format is pretty open. We'll be providing the tables and space, you bring the game.

Dakkacon ‘Lowhammer’ GT

Below are the rules we've come up with for the July WFB Grand Tournament at Dakkacon. A few points first:

Yes, we are changing the rules. We run other events that stick close to the rules. This time around we slipped our leashes and are doing whatever the hell we feel like.
So if you want to come play, you're invited. If it's not something you feel like doing, no problem. Want to complain? Sorry, busy getting myself a beer before writing equally unbalanced scenarios. (Comments and feedback welcome, actually, but criticism of the vein of "I wont play, and your a horrible person for running this" , will just be ignored. Send any feedback to

These rules may have slight revisions. They will be posted, and no revisions will be made past July 1st.

General Army Restrictions:

1.) You may include only 1 of each rare choice in your army, and only 2 of each special choice. High Elves may take 3 of each special and 2 of each rare.

2.) An army may have up to 5 war machines and/or template weapons. Warmachines that use a template count as a single choice in this regard. All template weapons (from magic items, abilities) count, except for spells. For purposes of this rule, warmachines that are bought as a pair and count as only one rare or special, will count as only 1 warmachine for the pair.

3.)A maximum of. 45 models with missile weapons with a range of 20” or more, (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots), may be taken in your army.

4.) All units, (except Lord and Hero choices), may only use a total of 400 pts, including points paid for champions, banners, muscians, magic banners, and all other upgrades.

Magic Restrictions

5.) No more than 12 power or dispel dice used in a magic phase. It doesn’t matter where they come from, or when in the phase, only 12 dice may be used. Exceptions to this are Skaven Warpstone tokens and Night Goblin magic mushrooms, as these have their own downsides.

6.) Only one model in the army may have the Loremaster ability.

7.) These spells are banned:
-Skaven: The Dreaded 13th
-Lore of Tzeentch: Gateway
-Lore of Metal: Final Transmutation
-Lore of Life: The Dwellers Below
-Lore of Shadow: Okkam’s Mindrazor
-Lore of Death: The Purple Sun of Xereus

8.) Banned Magic Items: The following magic items and special abilities may not be taken.

Power scroll
Folding fortress
Infernal Puppet
Favor of the Gods
Pendant of Khaleth
Sacraficial Dagger
Cupped Hands
Focused Rumination
Drakenhoff Banner
Storm Banner
Doom Rocket
Van Horstmans Speculum
Book of Hoeth
Vortex Shard

9.) Bonus Troops: The following armies may take these models at no points cost. The player must have the appropriate model. These models do not give up victory points if killed.

Woodelfs: A Treeman, or a unit of Wildriders of up to 300 pts. (If a treeman is taken, you may take only one other treeman or ancient treeman in the army).
Ogres: A unit of up to 6 Yehtee, or a slave giant. If a slave giant is taken, your Tyrant receives the Big Name of Giant Tamer, in addition to any other Big Names he may have..
Bretonnians: The Green Knight, or a Grail Relique and Battle Pilgrims of 300 points or less
Beastmen: Large Monster Rare Choice: Gorgon, Jabberslythe, Chaos Giant, or Cygor. You must have an appropriate model.

10.) Army lists may be taken from any in print army book. Only main lists may be used. No ‘back of the book’ options, or armies from White Dwarf, without permission from the TO. Daemons of Chaos armies are not allowed.

11.) Army size is 2200 points.

12.) Teclis and Thorek are banned.

Scoring Changes
13.) Units that are 50% destroyed give up 50% of their Victory points, similar to 7th edition.

14.) Wounded Characters give up 50% of their Victory Points.

15.) Models fleeing at the end of the game count as destroyed. .

Scenery on the tables will be fixed, and not random. Tables will be themed, using pieces of 8th edition scenery that fit together well. These will be represented by appropriate models, and a chart explaning each piece of scenery will be attatched to the table

Overall Scoring
Battle Points: Each scenario is worth 24 points for a total of 120 pts
Appearance: Conversions, Painting, Display Board, Banners, etc 60 pts

Prizes in several categories: Most Battle Points, Best Appearance, Overall. And several smaller prizes for Best Banner, Best Conversion, and Most Dakka!

Cost is 60.00 and includes lunch for Saturday and Sunday. You can reserve a spot by paying for it at the store, or by paypal at
If you think you're coming and just want to toss your name in, but not reserve a spot yet, send me an email or pm. We'll put your name down for now, but if we run out of spots, we'll have to take paid reservations over unpaid.

Re: Dakkacon July 8-10, Lowhammer GT, 40k tourney, lots more

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 8:28 pm
by gjnoronh
Noticed Mike has a warm up event he is running
June 11 ... case#12497

Re: Dakkacon July 8-10, Lowhammer GT, 40k tourney, lots more

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:52 pm
by teddet
I was thinking of going down to Dakkacon (although I may be leaving on the Saturday morning). Let me know if you'd be interested in carpooling (from UES).

Re: Dakkacon July 8-10, Lowhammer GT, 40k tourney, lots more

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:42 am
by KevinC
Where is DakkaCon? Is it at Showcase?