9/22 Infinity Irregulars Tournament, 300pt ITS Brothers Grim

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9/22 Infinity Irregulars Tournament, 300pt ITS Brothers Grim

Postby Pariah » Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:14 pm

We'll be having another 300 point ITS at Brothers Grim on Saturday, September 22nd. It will be three rounds with wins deciding tournament standings. Mission points and points killed will be tie breakers. We will be using YAMS for missions as a warmup for the Warstore Weekend Infinity ITS on October 27th.

Now what's an Irregulars Tournament you might ask? Well, anyone who comes to the tournament who isn't one of our regulars gets a free Infinity mini. Are you one of our regulars? Well if you come to the tournament, you get entered into a secret raffle. So everyone gets something!!!

Here's where you can find the rules for YAMS. We will be picking eight missions and keeping six.


We'll be setting up terrain at 10am and should begin by 11am.

For these missions each player needs to bring an extra civilian model that is clearly not a member of their army (i.e. should not be represented by a model from their faction). It should be a "normal" sized model that fits on a 25mm round base. They also need a crate and a flag, which should also be on a 25mm round base and be no taller than 1".

Anyone who shows up with a fully painted army will get an extra mission point per round.

Tournament fee will be $10.

This will be a full ITS tournament but we will be using the new format without a trophy. There will still be great prizes, including Infinity minis and store credit. We will also have a separate painting prize based on participant voting.

Here is the address of Brother's Grim:

Brother's Grim Games
1244 Middle Country Road
Selden, NY 11784


I can also arrange to pick people up at LIRR stations if needed.

Here are some pics from our previous tournaments:
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