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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby Guy In Suit » Sun May 17, 2009 2:54 pm

The only thing Armenians are known for was their genocide, so excluding that word is anti-Armenian.

I think the weapon isn't really worth the trouble, as auto-wounding doesn't seem chaos dwarfy. No armour saves would make more sense as it goes with the metal and fire theme.

I really hope someone busts out their dwarves next week so I can get a game against the list!
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby Alric » Sun May 17, 2009 11:51 pm

grotsnot wrote:
Fitz wrote:I have a more fundamental problem with this item - its name. You must be able to come up with something a little less *ahem* colourful? You wouldn't make an item called the "Rod of Paedophilia" would you?

How in the hell is the word "Genocide" offensive? How have you even come close to comparing it to the word "paedophilia"?

You're playing a war game, (fictional )people get killed. Some of the (fictional) people aren't very nice, and want to kill other (fictional) people for some very unpleasant (fictional) reasons.

The word "genocide" is pretty apt, and I've never heard of anyone with sensibilities fragile enough to be bruised by its use.

Actually since this IS Fantasy gaming the word used should be Slaying. I'd suggest using something chaos dwarf like Zhatans Cruel Axe of Slaying , or Obsidian Axe of Slaying , or Hashuts Axe of Foe Slaying , any name with Slaying or Foe Slayer , would be a lot better choice than genocide, using genocide will just get you a lot of negative attention if not out right condemnation and your list will die in its crib.
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby big al » Mon May 18, 2009 1:28 pm

Oh christ! The holocaust happened in the 40's, I got over shit that happened to me a week ago! Grow a backbone you pussies.
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby allanmcnab » Mon May 18, 2009 3:38 pm

I knew the new "Kum ba yah" Al couldnt last :lol:
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby mattbird » Mon May 18, 2009 3:51 pm

name changed!
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby DarkbloodSkullpulper » Mon May 18, 2009 11:18 pm

mattbird wrote:name changed!

Shoot, I was gonna go for the pun and suggest Axe of Aggression, or Senseless Axe of Violence, or Random Axe of Cruelty...
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby big al » Mon May 18, 2009 11:48 pm

I would name it the random axe of kindness!
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby DarkbloodSkullpulper » Tue May 19, 2009 12:07 am

Some thoughts:
I mentioned this in the Daemonsmith thread, but I kinda think there should be a deamonweapon to make the smith closer to a scroll caddy function, either by generating DD or making enemy spells harder to cast. Spellfeaster is decent, but it won't realyl do anything to slow down a max magic list.

Shadow Blade - I think this needs to be clarified a bit to note that the weapon effect only counts for wounds in close combat (if it's intended that this works for the bound effect too, then it's way way too good.) I don't think the repeated testing of wounds done in close combat are really going to have much effect if it's only done on the enemy player's turns. I don't know of any hero with a stat below 3, so it'll take a lot of bad rolls for the wounded enemy to die. This looks like it might be a good idea for a kamikaze weapon, but really has low odds of ever making a difference, assuming the 2 attacks at S5 from a daemonsmith could even wound a big nasty.

Parasite Blade is slightly underpointed, I think. Average of +2 A and +2S is pretty excellent, though it's tempered a bit because only daemonsmiths can use it. I like the synergy of the healing potential to offset the damage the blade can do to the wielder. Very fluffy and cool, I think I'd use this pretty often.

Mindflayer - Stupidity as a result of taking a wound is not as good a rule as it used to be, since stupidity tests are no longer taken when in combat. Like the old Torment blade, the time for this weapon has passed. Neither the bound nor weapon effects are worth a puddle of warm spit.

Sword of Bedevilment - bound effect should either be RIP or else state that it can be cast into combat. Otherwise, it will only ever affect wounds in the shooting and magic phases. Changing a 6 to a 1 "to hit" is essentially the same as being -1 to hit, an item effect that is typically pointed at about 40 points, so the bound effect turns out to be free. I think this is somewhat underpointed.

Dark Axe of Death - I think the points are about right because of the bound nature of the spell. People may fuss because a 100 point weapon has been reduced down to 25 points and is no longer 1 use only, but because it's bound, I think it's completely fair.

Death Mace seems overpointed. +1S and +1A should be about 35 points, shouldn't it? Compare to the Blade of Backstabbing

Armor of the Furnace seems a bit overpointed. 5 points for immune to fire, 30 points for a 5+ ward is more standard?

Shard of Obsidian - need to explain that the bearer's unit is also immune to spells, if that's the intent. If it's not, then bleah. Could leverage off the Bloodthirster Obsidian Armor and also cause magic items in base contact to not function.

Chalice of Fire - nice! The old Chalice would have been too potent in the current bound-magic-driven system, and pretty pointless in a regular magic dice phase. This one shot wonder might be a no-brainer at 50 points, though. I think I'd beef it up to 75 points.

The Hexacon - I can't believe nobody has pointed this out, but the average roll is a 21. The odds of not being able to stop a spell cast even at a power level of 12 is miniscule. Double 1's equaling a fail is not the way to go, as there are very long odds against not failing in that case. Could this be a Pentacon instead, just to give at least something less than infallibility? Is Base 6 fluffier than Base 5 for the CD?

Black Standard - meh. I'd never take it at that point cost

Banner of Daemonic Tides - I love it, but it might be too much of a no-brainer. Could it be reduced in points and made a standard with a bound daemon in it?

Icon of Dark Brotherhood - hates dwarves... I think that should be an Army special anyway!
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby Renufus » Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:48 pm

Blades of Backstabbing - since they're not strictly 2 hand weapons, they can be used while mounted. Intentional?
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Re: Magic Items Comments Here

Postby Hashuts Scion » Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:57 pm

I thought I had asked this, but I don't find my post, so here is a question regarding the Banner of Deamonic Tides. Since this gives a +1 movement and is limited to CDs only, it makes them a M4. Should this also negate the penalty on fleeing and pursueing rolls and make them a normal 2d6 range?
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