A Grudge Too Far: Chaos Dwarves v. Dwarves

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A Grudge Too Far: Chaos Dwarves v. Dwarves

Postby Garrett » Wed May 13, 2009 12:41 am

Ooooh, first battle report. Not going to be perfect, I don't normally do these, but here goes.

My list was as follows:
Great Bull Centaur Lord w/Axe of Zhrazah and the Armor of Gazrakh
Slavemaster w/shield and Hammer of Hashut (Army general)
Slavemaster w/shield and Death Mace
Slavemaster BSB w/shield and Warbanner

19xWarriors w/Full Command
19xWarriors w/Full Command
10 Blunderbuss Warriors
5xBull Centaurs wHvy Armor and Full Command
5 Wolf Riders w/Spears

Death Rocket
2xSpear Chukka
19xObsidian Guards w/Shields
Full Command
Banner of Daemonic Tides

3xInferno Golems w/Conflag Cannon

My opponent had a dwarf infantry/gunline list, lord w/shieldbearers, 2 bolt throwers, cannon, organ gun. Pretty normal, all things considered.

He won first turn, using the rune that lets him get a movement before the game starts to move and then move again essentially. We were going to get locked in early.

First turn shooting wasn't too impressive, killing a couple of Guard and one warrior out of a regiment. I moved up, trying to arrange myself so I could get charges quickly. I piled the Centaurs and the Golems, with the lord by himself, on my left flank, so I could run up the table, kill his support and slam into the blocks. It sort of worked. I bolt throwered a regiment of Ironbreakers, killing five between both spear chukkas. Not complaining

His turn 2 shooting was fantastic, killing the Daemoneater on my right, the wolf riders (organ gun roasted them) and three of the five Bull Centaurs. I charged on my turn 2, the Lord slaughtering a unit of Thunderers, Golems and remaining bull centaurs creaming the now shrunken unit of Ironbreakers. Big overrun on both, comfortably close to his artillery. Lord overruns off the table.
His turn 3, the big fights in the mid-table begin. He shoots the last two centaurs in the unit. I flee a unit of Rabble on the right, the left and center meet up, longbeards with the lord against the Obsidian Guard. (Mind you, I was an idiot not to charge in myself in my 2nd, as he was easily within my 8" thanks to the banner) and a regiment of warriors with great weapons against my BSB's unit of warriors on my left. I challenge with my hero (and general) in the Obsidian unit, and get smacked by the Lord on the shield bearers. I would've been fine had he not had the rune of no armor save. Oops. Obsidian Guard breaks, runs, gets away, longbeards move up. BSB unit draws great weapon warriors, a theme to resound for the remainder of the evening. His miners also came on and positioned themselves to kill my arty.

Next turn, my lord comes back on the table and lines up the back of the great weapon warriors. My right hand warrior unit charges the flank of the Lord's unit, ignoring his left hand warriors to crack the sweet nut of his lord. Golems charge the cannon crew, kill it, miss overrunning into the bolt thrower. Bolt throwers hurt his left hand warrior unit, don't kill them, do reduce them to 6 or 7. The flanking warriors absolutely demolish the Lord's unit, who promptly roll snake eyes to stay. Doh. Obsidian Guard do rally, running unit of rabble on the right don't.

Turn 4, the flankers become flanked as the small unit on his left charges their wide-open flank. In his round, everyone eventually stays, he whiffs and I actually win combat by 1. Nobody breaks. On my turn, a unit of Rabble that would've had the OTHER flank of the Lord's unit squabble and do dingus. Obsidian Guard are probably out of charge range, so I don't charge them in. Oops. Lord charges the back of the other combat, where a unit of great weapon warriors and my BSB's unit are resorting to wet towels to try and hurt each other. In combat, the lord + friends break my unit of warriors, who also manage to escape. Small unit pursues, Lord's unit stands there.

On his 5, the Lord's unit charges my Obsidian Guard *again*. Miners kill the last of my arty. My Lord, who whiffed the turn he charged the back of the great weapon warriors, comes through, I win that combat and kill the unit. On my 5, Lord moves up to see about the miners and/or the Lord's unit, depending on the situation. Golems kill Bolt Thrower 1 and 2 between turns 4 and 5, don't remember the exact series of events there.

Obsidians break, run, get caught. His Lord's unit runs forward enough I can't flank him with the Rabble, who then proceed to Waaagh on my five and move a good chunk of the way towards the previously shrunken warrior unit. My unit of warriors has rallied on turn 5.

His six, his general's unit turns around. Not much else happens. On my six, the Golems charge and crush the other unit of Thunderers. His shrunken unit gets smashed between my unit of Rabble and the rallied unit of Warriors. General charges and crushes the Miners.

Ended up a solid victory for me, somewhere in the neighborhood of ~700 points. No complaints on that score. I've got some observations I'll put into other threads.
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Re: A Grudge Too Far: Chaos Dwarves v. Dwarves

Postby KevinC » Wed May 13, 2009 5:59 am

Hey Garrett!

Great thanks for the battle report! Please post any comments you have about the Chaos Dwarf list here if the comments are a result of the battle.

Also how did you Dwarf opponent feel about the list, especially having suffered the first lose from the list?


Kevin out
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Re: A Grudge Too Far: Chaos Dwarves v. Dwarves

Postby Garrett » Wed May 13, 2009 11:27 am

There were about half a dozen fantasy players at the shop last night. Of the stuff I used, the general consensus was that nothing was too over the top or, in contrast, really bad. The general opinion was that Obsidian Guard were a bit expensive for what they did, but we feel that way about Chaos Warriors and Ironbreakers too.
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