Hot chaos on chaos dwarf action

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Hot chaos on chaos dwarf action

Postby allanmcnab » Sat May 16, 2009 9:58 pm

My army list
high priest on a Jugger
+1 dd
MR2 and 6+ward
+1 init
Demon smith
shadow blade

demon smith on jugger
dark axe O death

15 BB

15 BB

20 warriors with FC

5 hob wolfs

demon eater

demon eater

5 BC standard music
5 BC standard music

I cheated and took a 5th special death rocket, but it misfired turn 1 and 2 and blew itself up on turn 2 so had no effect :oops:

Chris O'Brien played chaos
His army was something like this (please correct me if I'm wrong Chris)
Level 3 on beast of nurgle
level 2 on steed of slaneesh
BSB on beast of nurgle

2 units 5 hounds
3 units 5undivided marauder horse
1 unit 5nurgle knights
1 unit10 nurgle warriors
1 shaggoth
1 unit 25 marauders
4 chaos trolls
war shrine

Game went something like this
I win first turn
fairly spread positions he has strong center and left flank, I am strong center, med left, weak right.

My 1
I move everything forward as far as it can while remaining out of charge range
I cast no spells knowing that 5 dice can easily stop the 2 spells I have in range.
death rocket misfires karmaically knowing that I am cheating to use it, no other shooting

His 1
he pretty much moves straight forward, using dogs and both marauders to screen his knights on his right
shaggoth moves around to my right flank.
magic is ineffectual vs my 7 dice
no shooting except for shrine goes off and makes warriors on his left stupid.

My 2
my wolfriders charge marauders who are prepared to attack my left flank and shielding the kaniggits. They hold.
One of the eaters and the lord on a jugg moves to cannon the dogs,and threaten the knights.(carefully staying out of charge range)
My bull centaurs on the other flank charge some dogs in front of the shrine, they are forced to hold (otherwise dead shrine)
other stuff moves forward to get in various ranges while avoiding charges

Magic add 2 to bounds thing goes off
s6 hit wounds a troll loses a stat(what is proper way to play this? do they lose a w off of statline too?)
turn to stone thing on knights is scrolled
jugg on left obliterates hounds (5w)
jugg in center obliterates marauder horse (6w)
deathrocket misfires and blows up knowing in its heart that it shouldn't be there
no blunders in range
wolf riders on left kill 3 marauders. Marauders kill 1 back. Marauders break, flee through knights Hobs restrain. all panic passed
BC on right kill all 5 dogs, roll a 3 to overrun, and miss shrine, by 1/2 " (doh)

His 2
warriors and trolls stupid. :(
shrine and shaggoth charge BC on my right. They hold. Shaggoth out of range by 1/2 "
Last marauders on my left charge wolves. They flee. Charge failed.
rest of line moves up with stupid troll and warrior bookends.
some nurgle spell goes off and kills 3 BB's
nothing else
warriors get non stupid and get +1 att
shrine is broken and chased down by BC. they PIFE into big marauder unit with BSB in front row.

more to follow shortly.
"I like Weakland because he cries when I fuck him" Pete, at the conflict.
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Re: Hot chaos on chaos dwarf action

Postby mikkjel » Sun May 17, 2009 8:32 am

@stupid: they cant lose it once they have it.
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Re: Hot chaos on chaos dwarf action

Postby allanmcnab » Sun May 17, 2009 11:53 am

My turn 3
demon eater, and lord on jugg on my left charge chaos knights (hold)
bull cents on left charge remaining mounted marauders (flee)
hobwolves fail to rally
jugg on right sets up to help BC if they survive while hiding behind impassable terrain to avoid shaggoth
blunders position to get off some shots demonsmith on foot moves to get off his spell on something useful
high priest casts +2 bound (dispell failed)
high priest casts fists of fire (dispell failed)
demonsmith casts s6 hit bound item on general he is wounded
Blunders fail to do anything useful.
something like 13 impact hits later and with fists of fire 3 knights are killed and 1 wound is done on the high priest. knights flee and are run down by jugg
deamoneater restrains. jugg pife into 2 marauder horse that had fled from the savage hobgoblin wolf beating in turn 2
on the other side the BC do a wound on the bsb, and kills 3 marauders. the bsb and marauder champ (who I inexplicably didn't target) do 2 wound in return, I lose by some number but manage to hold.

His turn 3
trolls are stupid again
fleeing marauder horse rally and act all fast cavvey and shit. they move around out of charge arc of my BC.
Shaggoth moves up my right flank to threaten my backfield.
Warriors on my right turn to help with BC

slanneeshi guy on my left(now all by himself) kills 2 BC with some kind of MM
marauder horse on my left take some impact hits from the jugg and disintegrate
marauders w bsb and the BC all miss all their attack, but I ;ose by numbers and ranks and flee into impassable terrain and am destroyed. Marauders follow. but stop 3" in front of terrain.

My 4
Jugg on my left charges warriors
wolves rally
jug on right moves to cannon slaneeshi guy
BcC who failed charge turn 3 turn around to threaten stuff
blunders move to shoot at stuff
+2 spell (dispelled)
magic missle goes off on marauders kills 3 or 4 (failed dispell)
s6 hit on general wounds
dark axe of death goes off (failed dispell) does 3 w
slaneeshi guy is killed by cannon.
blunders in front of marauders kill 3 or 4
blunders shoot and wound 1 troll, and kill general.
jugg and combat do 3 wounds to warriors no wounds back warriors lose by 2. Fail break but near bsb pass second try.

His 4
shaggoth charge BB's with hero (hold)
marauders charge other BB's (flee)
stupid trolls charge demoneater in center (flees)
mounted marauders move around back of my left flank


shaggoth destroys BB's with hero overruns into flank of warriors.
jugg kills 2 warriors, warriors fail to w jugg and lose by 1, pass break test.
"I like Weakland because he cries when I fuck him" Pete, at the conflict.
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