Dwarves of Chaos vs Empire

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Dwarves of Chaos vs Empire

Postby Matt » Sun May 17, 2009 7:02 pm

Should have been called, My warmcahines are better than yours...

I tried out a max magic/warmachine list today, and went up against empire.
The empire had a fairly rounded list (Arch Lector, 2 lvl 2 wizards, BSB; 2 cannons, great swords, pistoliers, 1 S-Tank, 2x Flagallents, and a decent number of infantry).

The high lights:
I push forward toward his infantry on each flank with Rabble. The flagellants are forced to charge. I hold, take a beating, and explode, hurting several empire units (0-3 kills across about 5 units). The Flagellants are forced to pursue/overrun; and end up on the flank of some blunderbusses. Blunderbusses turn to their right, and add 3 to their front. Resulting S5 fire kills about half. Then half again on my next turn. After that, hobgoblin fast cav charges in and finishes them.

Arch lector gets stuck in the back field when clipped twice by earth shakers. Half speed and no marching makes for a very sad warrior priest.

Death Rocket lands on a great cannon, and kills 2 out of 3 crew, the remaining crew is gunned down by bow fire, at long range after moving.
4 Bolt Throwers cripple a steam tank in 1 turn of shooting, and finish it off on turn 2 and turn 3.

The dance of jab of Blunderbusses tore up his army pretty bad. I was 5 wide and 3 deep, but as the infantry advanced, I added 5 more to my front to really spread the love. I got off 2 good bursts, and that's all it took to git the edge.
Ran into a bit of a problem with a stand and fire though. 2 blocks of infantry, and a small detachment all declare a charge on blunderbusses in my center. I elect to stand and fire. Do I fire with the normal "Box" of 12"? If so, my stand and fire would hit all 3 units. Seems really good.

The magic was extremely good. Too good I'd say. Even against 6 dispel dice, a rod of power, and 2 scrolls I did pretty harsh damage. Took out a great cannon on turn 1 with the magical "no scatter earthshaker" spell (killed all the crew). Late in the game, the 12" autorally and panic test spell did some pretty bad damage as well.

In General:
Magic too good. I think it should go back to normal magic rules; wizards with spells and power dice. As much as I like the special lore, going to normal lores may be best.
-Death Rocket: The two death rockets more than earned their points. One good hit, every other game, pays for itself. I had 3 great hits, and 3 decent hits out of 10 possible shots. Deployed out on the flanks, and firing across the table and in, it's impossible to miss, short of a misfire.
-Earth Shaker: Effective enough. A 5" slow and 3" hit might be better, but it sure doesn't need to hit any harder.
-Bolt Throwers: Always winners. Cost me 120 point to drop a steam tank, and I only kept shooting at it, because I had nothing better to do. Turns 4-6, I fired at surviving infantry.
-Blunderbuss, too good/cheap against basic infantry, and I'll bet not good enough against ogre/chariots, knights.
-Rabble: way better than their point cost. I had a 6" pop, and a 9" pop. 9" is a really big area being hit. They also fight too well. I'd take away all equipment options. Give them a rule where they always count as being armed with just a single hand weapon, and they are not trained fighting units. Going in with a 4" save, I actually won a few rounds of combat, when I went in just to die.
-Hobgoblins: had 2 units of 10 drive pistoliers off a flank. 24" bows are so much better than 16" short bows. At 50 points a unit, I'll take these to fend off fast cav.

All in all, I think the list came off a little strong. It felt like a dwarf gunline, that had the slowing effects of an Anvil of Doom, but also has fast cav and a strong offensive magic phase. I was able to thin down enemy units to the point where static combat res had me winning fights be 2 or 3.
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Re: Dwarves of Chaos vs Empire

Postby mattbird » Tue May 19, 2009 12:05 am

cool, thanks!
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