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CDs vs Liz

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 6:44 pm
by big al
I playtested a list today, it wasn't strong in anyway, but I wanted to see how certain things that I normally wouldn't look at would handle.

My list:

Bullcentaur Lord (170): Helm of Azgorh (25), Armor of Ghazrakh (30), Amulet of Hashut (40) Great Weapon (6) [271]
Slavemaster: (65): BSB (25), Armor of the Furnace (45), Great weapon (4), shield (2) [141]
20 CD warriors (180): champ (10), banner (10) [200]
11 Bull centaurs (220): shields (11), champ (10), banner (10) [251]
18 CD blunderbusses [198]
5 Wolf riders (65), spears (5) [70]
5 Wolf riders (65), spears (5) [70]
5 Wolf riders (65), spears (5) [70]
(859) [1281]
18 Obsidian Guard (252): Shields (18), FC (30), +1 mv banner (45) [345]
2x Bolt throwers [60]
2x Bolt throwers [60]
3x Swivel guns [180]
(585) [1866]
Juggernaut [330]

I must say, the swivel guns suck, the obsidian guard suck even more, and the juggernaut just isn't worth that many points.
Here's what I would chnge: make the obsidian guard stubborn or give them a banner option where the enemy always strikes last, and make the swivel guns not take penalties, and drop the juggernaut like 150 points and take out 5 CDs.

Re: CDs vs Liz

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 10:44 pm
by mattbird
who'd you play against, and what was the outcome?

Re: CDs vs Liz

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2009 11:53 pm
by big al
I played against kelby, and I lost by turn 4. I didn't have anything to put down the EotGs and the TG. The problem with fighting lizzies is you have to have the tools to take on high armor and high toughness, CDs with their shitty str 3 and 4 can't do it. There needs to be a killer unit, maybe make it a small maximum size but able to tear shit up, or just change the juggernaut to hold obsidian guard, and upp the mv on it by 1, I still think it needs to be dropped down in points though. 330 points means you only have 1920pts to spend on the rest of the army. Not really worth it.

Here's what i would change it to be:
points: 250
mv 7, str 5 impacts maybe even does like D3 +1 instead of D6+1, tough 6, 4-5 wounds, 3+ armor, stubborn, ITP, immune to str 7 auto kills, and doesn't need the mini swivel gun.
5 crew of obsidian guards, they get a 3+ armor for protection from the thing and a 1+ vs shooting, with great weapons
1-2 bull centaur mount(s), but has 1 attack with an additional impact at str 4 that auto hits on the charge

look at the ancient steg: 270pts, stubborn, str and toughness 6, with a shitty blowpipe, and causes terror with 3D6 LD and a 3+ armor