Chaos Dwarves vs Demons... twice!

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Chaos Dwarves vs Demons... twice!

Postby MantisZero » Mon May 18, 2009 6:53 pm

So i played the Dwarves vs Demons twice this weekend, different players but both lists were very similar to Brians list. I took:

High Priest - Arcane Apparatus, Bull Horn, Scroll
Demonsmith - Shield, Shadowblade
Demonsmith - Shield, Soul Eater
Centaur Hero - GW, Hvy Armor, Shield, Amulet of Hashut

18 Blunderbuss - Mus, Std
18 Blunderbuss - Mus, Std
20 Warriors - Full Comm, Stone Standard
5 Wolves - Mus, Spears
5 Wolves - Mus, Spears

5 Centaurs - Hvy Armor, Full Comm
Death Rocker of DOOM!

3 Inferno Golems - Bound Spell Upgrade

The first game i played against Kistler, who played the demons pretty aggressive. The Death Rocket took care of the Bloodletter/Jugger block, reducing them to only 6 models by the time he got to combat. The Chariots were awesome, as expected. I made a mistake with the Centaurs and allowed a unit of Flesh Hounds to charge me in the front, i lost 2 guys and Hatred and the Centaur hero helped me win the combat, eventually killing off the Hound unit. They also took a charge from a Demonette unit, go T4! The Centaurs took them out too. Amazing unit!!! I lost but barely. We were both reduced to practically nothing left in our armies.

Second game i played Bill (orange/green demons) with a similar list. Ahhh Earthskaer and Death Rocket on Bloodletters is awesome! Game went pretty similar to the first game, except Bill didnt play aggressive at all. He kept shuffling around, trying to get flanks because he was scared of the Busses and Demoneaters. Eventually i just started throwing shit out in the open so we could have a game and the Demons were better in HtH. A Buss unit beat the crap out of a Nurgling unit, and killed a Flamer in combat! Yeah boy!!! I lost this game aswell, not nearly as close as the first game though.

My thoughts on the units i used:

The magic phase is good. Sure it can be OTT (i had a ton of spells) but a couple 1's and your phase is done. I rolled 2-3 1's in each game with the High Priest, and exausted a bound Smith spell in each game. I think this type of phase, you cant just throw out every spell each time... you have to pick and choose so you dont bone yourself. The lore might be a bit hard but i need more games... Eruption needs LOS or a minimum range.

The characters are fine, i just think the High Priest should be LD 9. Gives you a reason to take a Lord for the LD 10. Centaur Heros should not be a BsB or nobody would take a Slaver... ever! I think the Demonsmith stats are fine... yeah 2 attacks its the best but you dont want them to be the best.

Core: I like the Warrior blocks, but 3 Buss units are probably going to be the norm. I think the Buss unit should go up 2 pts per model, so 13pts a dude so balance stuff out a bit.

Special: Lots of choices, the stuff i used was great. The Death Rocker might be a little crazy... if you are good at guessing you are getting a 5 inch template wherever you want, and the random inches for the artillary dice doesnt matter much because of the template size. The chariots need to go up to 100pts and stay the same, or 4 wounds at 120pts. Even a 15 pt increase its still points the army doesnt have to max out other things.

Rare: Inferno Golems are poop. I would keep using them just because they are new, but i would rather have Centaurs rare and use the points on an Obsidion Guard block! The Earthshaker is almost useless... unless you roll a "hit" of course. I might drop the Earthshaker since i can just cast Eruption and replace it with a Hellcannon.

Overall: I love the army and the list. I do think that its stronger than intended... there is alot of stuff that can clearly be abused and busted. I know every army has these issues too, but it might be harder to explain to someone at a GT that they got housed by an Unofficial "fanbook" and could bring negative publicity to that GT and the TO even if the rules are posted well in advance. Imagine Larry losing round 5 to McNab who goes 5-0 and wins the GT with an unofficial army book!!! All hell would break loose! :lol: (Sorry, had to do it! Jesus told me to!!! :P )

I think you should keep the book the way it is, only some minor tweaks and changes. Or just keep the original CD army list, and add the new units to it. I will test more games and post how they go, hopefully i can play something other than Demons... :x
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Re: Chaos Dwarves vs Demons... twice!

Postby MantisZero » Mon May 18, 2009 8:57 pm

Ahhh i didnt know the V2 rules were out yet... looks like all the changes that needed to be made were made!

Awesome job Kevin!
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Re: Chaos Dwarves vs Demons... twice!

Postby allanmcnab » Mon May 18, 2009 9:33 pm

Damn, you saw through my plot :lol:

If I run a tourney I'm going totally Baldo on your ass :D
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Re: Chaos Dwarves vs Demons... twice!

Postby mattbird » Mon May 18, 2009 10:42 pm

thanks! good info
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