Mattbird report #2: Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogres

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Mattbird report #2: Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogres

Postby mattbird » Fri May 22, 2009 9:49 am

I tried to fit in most of the new units, skipping magic altogether as I am certain the current version will be changed:

Lord, GW, "dispel scroll"
BSB, GW, extra dispel dice

2x20 warriors, hw/shield/chaos armor, command, eruption cannon, 1 with war banner,
2x15 blunderbuss, command
2x20 rabble

5 bull centaurs
2 daemoneaters


Mt opponent has a basic ogre army, 2 butchers, lots of ogres

The game was very close, and a few key rolls made for a Dwarfs of Chaos victory. CDs have always had problems with multi-wound armies, as they render blunderbusses useless. This game was no different.


held the middle nicely, fought off a lone Tyrant's desperate charge with the help of a flank charge from a 2nd CD unit.

fled alot. :)

swivel guns
as in my first report, perfect unit as is. Took out some maneaters, some wounds to a butcher, etc.

lost a few combats, fled, did very few exploding wounds. Good as is.

similar complaints as in the HE game. They were taking charges from ogre units, going first with d3+2 impact hits- this elicited the most negative comments. Maybe they should not count as impact hits unless charging?

Bull centaurs, Hellcannon
these rules are pretty set, however it's worth noting that as I expected, the HC is a HUGE addition to this army, and really changes the way it can be played.

shooting was ineffective, but charges took out a unit or so. Again, great unit, appropriate cost, rules work, but perhaps can be phrased more simply?

again, I feel that beyond magic and the daemoneater, this list is close! I had a great, fun game, with lots of cool stuff to do, unlike the current CD list of " you cannot move and then I shoot and magic you to death", which is about as enjoyable as it sounds.
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