Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogres

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Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogres

Postby Zhorn » Fri May 22, 2009 5:22 pm

Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Chaos dwarf list:

Slavers to Darkness 2249 points

High priest, arcane aparatus, hailfire, hexagon 280

Greathoof, BSB, amulet of hashut, shield, hv armour, GW 172
Demonsmith, shield, parasite blade 102
Demonsmith, shield, soul eater 117

10 Warriors, shield, chaos armour 120
- gun 60
10 warriors, shield, chaos armour 120
- gun 60
16 Annihilatiors, fc 201
20 Slaves, shields, musician, standart 92
20 Slaves, shields, musician, standart 92
5 Wolfriders, spears, bows, musician 86
5 Wolfriders, spears, bows, musician 86

Death rocket 80
Bolt thrower 30
Bolt thrower 30
Demoneater 105
6 Bull centaurs, fc, stone totem 181

3 Golems, spell upgrade 235

Ogre list:

Tyrant, tenderizer, wyrmstone, laurels, pistols

Butcher, bangstick, DS
Butcher, SoM, DS
Butcher, skullmantle, SoB

2x3 Ogre bulls, 2nd hand weapon
2x2 Gunners
3x3 Ironguts, standarts
3 Yeethees
2 Maneaters, pistols
1 gorger

My friendly opponent used a fairly standard ogre army where the butchers bolstered the irongut units to combat strength.
We were both looking forward to a "bound spell vs. bound spell" game.

Turn 1, the ogre army advanced full throttle with maneaters + tyrant in ogre bulls on one flank, ironguts in the center and yeethees (through terrain) and support/divert units on the other flank. 2 Spells got through the CD defenses - as we both learned later, the ogre magic phase was able to build up a lot of "subtle pressure": By buffing his own units, the ogres had nearly all of their own units stubborn//+1T by turn 3! The inablility of the chaos dwarfs to dispel RiP spells was nearly desastrous.

Turn 1 chos dwarfs, the evil stunties shuffle around to overcome their crammed deployment zone and stall the ogre advance (center was blunderbusses, both warrior units, both eruption guns, 1 boltthrower. One flank had golems+BSB, demoneater and rabble, while the other flank had bull centaurs, wolf riders and rabble). Stabilizing the battle line is successful (rabble in front of a demoneater is great). 2 Spells got through (the lesser magic missles) and shooting netted zero wounds.

Turn 2 Ogres charge, the CDs flee center and left flank (hobgoblin wolves) while the golems+BSB get eaten by the ogre tyrant on the right flank (half blunder on my part and half "not read the rules carefully enough": we both were a bit surprised to learn that a) golems have a WS of only 3 and b) have a LD of only 8!).

Turn 2 CDs countercharge with demoneater, which seriously dents what it hits but cannot break anything due to stubborn ironguts. Fleeing units rally. No spell gets through, shooting takes some wounds off but destroys nothing.

Turn 3 Ogres charge some more and bounce on warriors with demonsmith, blunderbusses with high priest and demoneater. The end of HtH sees 2 dead butchers! (Who seriously wounded themselves before with their horrific miscast table.) The demonsmith with parasite blade kills one of the butchers singlehandedly. The gunners get some sneaky shots in on the bull centaurs in, halving the unit.

Turn 3 with no chance of reaching them the CD shoot the fleeing ogre units in the back and advance on the field. Despite having the upper hand in magic, magic does nothing (takes a wound off of each demonsmith - 1 failed LD test and one "1").

Turn 4 ogres capitalize on their earlier breakthrough on the right flank and charge their tyrant into the ongoing brawl with 2 irongut units, 1 warrior unit, 1 demonsmith and the demoneater. All mentioned CD units collapse under the pressure of the tyrant but surprisingly only the demonsmith and the demoneater get destroyed! While the warrior unit panics the second warrior unit it gets away. This was really the time where the ogres had truly won the game - charging down the whole CD flank with their uber hammer unit. Only a lucky flee roll and unlucky pursue rolls made the game go on. Gorger eats "bolt thrower in the way".

Turn 4 chaos dwarfs turn their center to face the new threat (the opposing ogre units formerly in the front were "retreating"). With little hope to halt the coming onslaught and the countercharging bull centaurs cowering in fear the whole CD army hinges on the supreme magic of the high priest. For the first time, shooting and magic nets serious results, killing the gorger, reducing the 2 remaining irongut units to 1 wounded model each and PETRIFYING the tyrant. This saved the chaos dwarfs a second time in a clearly lost match.

Turn 5 the ogres fail to dispel the petrifying spell and thus rally their fleeing butcher unit, retreat their wounded units and killing the remaining wolf riders with shooting.

Turn 5 CDs shoot some more, killing the last butcher. No magic because of petrify spell in game.

Turn 6 ogres see a great shot by the last surviving gunner, panicking the last rabble unit which had sneaked into their own deployment zone to grab a table quarter (after defeating the yeethees and the other gunner unit thanks to a lucky "6" on the animosity chart).

Turn 6 CDs cannot reach anything with charging and thus try to shoot the retreating ogres, netting no result with shooting or magic (the first time eruption got through it netted a "1" to wound the tyrant...).

In the end, the ogres had the maneaters (who ate the death rocket which did nothing all game), their tyrant and severely depleted bulls and ironguts on the field.

The dwarfs of chaos had their 2 warrior units, the blunderbuss unit, their high priest and half strength bull centaurs on the field (the other demonsmith killed himself with magic).

Net result was a draw with 24 points difference.

Overall a very exciting game with 2 fun armies ended a bit stale due to both sides inability to harm each other in the last 2 turns.

In the beginning of the game the ogre magic was clearly superior and a powershift was only possible after most of the butchers were gone. Despite a superior magic phase in the latter half of the game the dwarfs could not really capitalize on this but the magic secured a draw.

In addition, the CD magic proved to be dangerous and fickle and ultimately fatal (3 wounds off of the 2 demonsmith together and 2 initiative points drained from the high priest). I never felt very powerful with magic despite the fact that i had bought everything but a third demonsmith. Perhaps that last bound spell would have turned the table but i doubt it. The inability to dispel RiP spells did seriously hurt.

What did rock and what did blow?

Well, blunderbusses vs. ogres DO blow. Taking fear tests left and right does blow, too. The whole magic, well, did not exactly blow but did not really earn its points. The death rocket did blow big time (as expected vs. ogres, same as blunderbusses). The CD player making deployment mistakes and misreading the new rules doesn't help, either. ;)

The demoneater, on the other hand, seriously rocked the house. As did the warrior units with chaos armour. Despite being only 10 strong each they lost only 2 dwarfs in total. Fear and panic were their downfall. Eruption guns did never misfire and despite so-so dice rolls did pay off in the end. 6 turns of 2 artillery dice DOES hurt the opponent. The spell lore should be mentioned, too. Wait, what? Didn't he just say magic was ineffective? Well, yes. But the lore is really good. A single successfully cast spell saved the game for me.

What did my opponent think?

Niko (the friendly ogre player) thinks the new CD army is really fun. He was really afraid of the magic phase after learning that i had a HP, 2 DS and 2 bounds but changed his mind pretty quick. he would always play against that setup again but thinks it might be a bit random, possibly draining some fun from either the CD player (when things go haywire too fast and too often) or the opponent with little magic defense when everything rolls in the CD players favour. He thinks the mixture of rabble and chaos armour powered warror units is really strong (but fun). He thinks golems should have WS 4 and LD 9 - but that might be due to the fact that he rolled right over that unit (and that was my own fault). "WS 4 and LD 9 feels just right in that army, they should not be worse than dwarfs but rather have the same stats in that regard."

What do i think?

Well, i was dissapointed with the magic - after all the hype on this board. What was really hot was the HtH capability of the demonsmith (with parasite blade). But oh boy! do they die fast.
While the bull centaurs worked like a charm in their chosen role(countercharging and shooting - only their failed fear test had me nail biting. But then, their shooting made it all work again! ;) ) i would rather take a second demoneater. Not because they are THAT good (they are good), but because they take less room in the deployment zone while costing less points, too.

All in all, the army was a lot of fun but surely burdened with the typical dwarf problems. When i had the ogres by the balls in turn 5 i couldn't capitalize on it due to short legs. ;)

In future games i would - despite all the fun i had with him :P - leave the demonsmith at home. Same with the high priest. 500 points can buy a lot of chaos dwarf warriors and bull centaurs!
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Re: Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Ogres

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:21 pm

Thanks, great report! I had similar issues in my game against Ogres.

Across all these batreps, we're seeing pretty consistent feedback, which gives us good direction. Also good that your opponent enjoyed it.
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