Chaos Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen

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Chaos Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen

Postby Rasta_man » Sun May 24, 2009 10:34 am

Today i played with this list, against the Lizard men:

Overlord on Taurus
Great Horn Bullcentaur-BSB
Great Horn Bull centaur
3x15 Annihilators
21 Hobgoblins
5 Hobgoblin Wolfriders
2x6 Bullcentaurs
2x Deamoneaters
1 Speerchukka
Juggernaut Siegetower

against this :

Saurus scar veteran on Cold one-BSB
Skink priest lv 1
Saurus scar veteran-(tank)
2x10 Skink skirmisher
19 Saurus warriors
6 Cold one cavalry
5 Cold one cavalry
2x3 Teradons
Ancient Stegadon
2x Razadons

short overview:
bad things:
-wasnt able to get the slann
-cant defeat the Saurus Warriors
-Juggernaut dont do something
- The plunder busses are nice, but not against the Lizardmen :orcsslobber:

good things:
-with chaos dwarfs you got a lot of units
-No leadership Problems
-good damage resistance against rangeweapons
-Great Horn Bullcentaurs and Deamoneaters are great :orc thumb:

Thought about the army:
-Overseer on great taurus works excellent
-Deamoneaters are too hard for 105 points,if you take them the impact hits without charging its allright.
-Juggernaut is fun, but kind of useless. 330 points is far to much.
-The Eartshaker should stay like in the old Army list
-Obsidian Guard needs to be stubborn, take away fear and immunity .
-the inferno golems are too expensive, 60 points are enough for these guys
-i also think the army really needs skirmishers

Greetings from Germany, Rasta_man
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Re: Chaos Dwarfs vs. Lizardmen

Postby mattbird » Sun May 24, 2009 10:56 am

Thanks, Rasta!

I think we made a strategic decision to specifically NOT include skirmishers, too keep some restrictions in the army.
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