2 Battles - CD vs. Lizzies and Skaven

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2 Battles - CD vs. Lizzies and Skaven

Postby Border Reiver » Wed May 27, 2009 9:05 am

I managed to get in two battles last night with this v.2 list:

High Priest - Chalice of Fire and Bull Horn
Daemoneater with shield and Spelleater
Daemoneater with shield and Sword of Bedevilment
Bull Centaur Great Horn with heavy armour, shield, Great Weapon and Amulet of Hashut

19 Warriors with shields, Full command
19 Annilators with full command
9 Bull Centaurs with full command and heavy armour
5 Wolfrider with bows and musician

Death Rocket
Death Rocket
19 Obsidian Guard, with full command, shields and the Stone totem

My first game was against Will and his Lizardmen. Will is a regular Canadian GT competitor. he's read the list and likes it - he jsut doesn't like the ability to field every character on a juggernaut and thinks that is a little OTT. His list was a

Saurus Scar Vet on a coldone
Skink Priest on an ancient Steggie with the Engine of the Gods

10 Skink Skirmishers
Skink/Kroxigor cohort (16 Skinks, 2 Krox)
20 Saurus with full command
around 24 Temple guard

I lost

Magic was not a factor - we were both fairly even here, the Hail Hashut spell allowing me to get the rest of my bounds off when I needed them.

My problem was with dice rolling - I showed my usual distressing tendency to roll 6s for Ld tests and my BCs all booked off the board when they failed to charge the Ancient Steggie, then the Death Rockets blew up. Generally, the list performed well.

Game 2 - CDs against Clan Eshin (yes the SoC list)

Ian came in late and had a Clan Eshin list

The end result was a massacre of me. My dice deserted me completly. Both Death rockets blew up the first time they shot, the Daemonsmith's weapons both released their daemons on turn 1, and shooting from the scouting triad and assassin caused the bull centaurs to panic and run on turn 1.

The rest of turn was spen trying to get to grips with my opponent - which didn't happen. Lots of sling shots resulted in heavy casualties and brass orb did nasty things to the Obsidian Guard.

CDs, unsurprisingly, do not fair well against a list like this. The amount of Shooting and mobility really hurt the CDs - this is not a problem that can be fixed, and shouldn't be. This is a drawback to infantry based armies and the problems I had with my dice should not be considered typical (I have had an amazing string of bad luck with high Ld units failing Ld based tests)
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Re: 2 Battles - CD vs. Lizzies and Skaven

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:18 pm

Thanks for the report!

Did you or your opponent have any specific changes you'd want to see, based on the games?
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Re: 2 Battles - CD vs. Lizzies and Skaven

Postby Border Reiver » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:53 am

I've coalesed my thoughts and based on last night's game as well as feedback I've received I'm going to post in the general comments section.
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