Mattbird Report #3 and 4

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Mattbird Report #3 and 4

Postby mattbird » Fri May 29, 2009 11:02 am

I fielded this army twice last night against an all cav/magic slaanesh chaos mortal army. We discovered after the game that he was only using 2000 pts to my 2250. (Brookie's fault, not mine! :P)

overlord 235 helm +1 dice 25, axe of zhrazak 65
slavemaster bsb 140 hexacon 20
20 chaos dwarfs, chaos arm, shields, command, eruption gun 315
20 chaos dwarfs, chaos arm, shields, command, eruption gun 315
15 blunderbuss, command 180
15 blunderbuss, command 180
20 rabble 60
20 rabble 60
5 wolf riders, spears 70
death rocket 80
2 bolt throwers 60
2 daemoneaters 300
earthshaker 90
hellcannon 205

Game 1:
A hilarious string of misfires resulted in my losing virtually all my war machine shooting by turn 3. An IF slaanesh spell virtually wiped out my general's warrior unit. The hellcannon exploded, doing damage to virtually all that remained of my army. We called it at that point, as there was nothing left to really playtest. Nothing learned here, apart from a reminder that war machines and hellcannons screw up royally!

Game 2:
Neither of us played very well. I let me 2 daemoneaters get strung out my fleeing/rallying marauder cav all game long. His lone slanesh steed bsb took out all my war machines over the course of the game. His big combat units decided to charge my main chaos dwarf blocks, which proved about as unwise as charging Ironbreakers usually is. The game was pretty close at the end, and was likely a draw if it were a competitive game (we tried some stuff out we'd not normally have)

Chaos dwarf lords aren't very good in combat. Mine almost died to his lvl 4 sorceror.

with chaos armor they are GREAT. One unit held off a frenzied chaos knight charge with a string of good armor save rolls. eruption cannons did little in these games, but they only had chaos knights to shoot at, so little surprise.

blunderbusses, using new rules (see warrior thread in the forum)
much cleaner to use, were able to take on light units well enough. Bounced off the harder stuff. 1 unit was able to hold up against a chariot/marauder cav charge for a few turns, which was a good reminder that units of 15-20 are a good, multipurpose unit.

death rocket
I was hesitant that this was now too good, but I think it's OK.

didn't do much in this game, got pulled off by some sacrificial crap.

I think is good to go as is. I got to use the shaker effect to hold off a combined knight charge, so it still has great use. The old one was WAY too game breaking, and has no place in this new list. If you wanted to make it any better, I'd say maybe any unit touched (instead of "hit") by the template would be 1/2 move. I would not recommend making someone pull out the 5" template for the effect, as has been discussed.

Overall I much enjoyed playing with the army, and Brookie had few complaints. He questioned the 2+ save warriors, but honestly he should just not have charged them in the fornt like that, with other targets to be had.
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