Dwarfs of Chaos vs Vampires!

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Dwarfs of Chaos vs Vampires!

Postby Renufus » Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:40 pm

Slavemaster - GW, Armour of Gaz, Hexacon [119]

Great Horn BSB - Amulet of Hashut, GW, HA, Sh [175]

Hobgoblin Big Boss - wolf, spear, LA, Sh, Helm of Az [83]

20 Chaos Dwarfs - CA, Sh, FC, War Banner, Eruption Gun [350]

2x15 Annihilators [165ea]
New shooting rules

2x5 Wolves - spear, mus [76ea]

6 Centaurs - HA [126]

12 Obsidian Guard - FC, Banner of Daemonic Tides [243]
Stubborn/ITP - no shields

Death Rocket [80]

Daemoneater [105]
Played it more like a normal chariot - D6+1 impact hits on the charge only, 2S4 attacks from the Centaur, M8, 4+AS

3 Inferno Golems [235] - S3 breath weapon gun
I tried them out with WS4, Ld9, 3+ armour save, and immune to fire.

I wanted to playtest a few units I haven't used much, next up is the Jugger and maybe a Taurus Lord. His list, from what I can remember:

Super casty Vamp lord with the Helm
2 other Vamps, one of them had the 'I am a knight' kit
Necro on corpse cart with invocation and vanhels and the book of arkhan
3 units of 10-15 Ghouls, I forget exactly. They were raised up to around 20-25ish in the first couple turns anyway
2 units of dogs
5 Blood Knights
Black Coach

Here's what I found:

-The Golems were actually pretty good. Not eye-poppingly good, but around the same power level as Treekin, and like the Treekin they really benefit a lot from being around the BSB. The breath weapon ended up just being wasted points - it was too expensive for something I got to shoot once before getting them stuck into combat, and I can't help but think the same would be true of the other two options. All in all, they were a decent unit but not something I would usually use at the 2k level due to their cost... That's just personal preference though, not because there's anything wrong with the unit per se. They probably would have been worth much more to me if he had any Wraiths or Spirit Hosts in his army, or a unit with the regen banner... As it turned out, they ended up fighting the Black Coach for most of the game, which they did admirably.
-Daemoneater was okay but like most chariots it pays to have two of them. Personal preference, I'd rather use those 2 special slots on skirmishing Sneaky Gits but that's just my playstyle and as a chariot it does what it's supposed to do without drawing complaints so that's good.
-I had both units of Annihilators, fully healthy, within firing range of his general's unit of ~25 ghouls around turn 3. At the end of the phase there were 8 Ghouls left. Pure pwnage. The Death rocket also did nicely against those large Ghoul blocks.
-ITP/stubborn on the Obs Guard payed off well again. Kept a large unit of Ghouls with his mini-caster Vampire busy for a couple turns before the Centaurs came in on the flank and mopped up. As you can imagine, 16 attacks hitting on 3+ (rerollable thanks to the Amulet) and wounding on 2+ was pretty brutal.
-Wolf Riders > Blood Knights. Period.

I ended up winning by a massacre, but my opponent was pretty inexperienced despite having a solid army to work with. I got all the unit matchups I wanted during deployment and from there it was just a matter of sitting back and watching it unfold. The list, minus a few tweaks here and there to certain units, is pretty close to being a winner in my mind. Everything has a purpose and the list is flexible enough that I'm not restricted to cookie cutter builds, although as you can see I do have a few units that tend to show up in a lot of my lists that form the backbone of my army. Next up is a rematch against the Lizardmen.
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Re: Dwarfs of Chaos vs Vampires!

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:47 pm

cool, thanks!

One thing to note is that (I think) Kevin is dead set against Obsidian Guard being stubborn, so while in general it's OK to test out things that you think might work well, this is one instance where that change likely would not happen.
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