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v3* CD vs Lizardmen [1500pts]

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:02 pm
by Voyager_3
Here is my battle report from yesterday's battle against Lizardmen. I was using 3rd version of army list with exceptions noted below.

My army was:

(Great Weapon, Shield; Hailfire Gun, Helm of Azgorh)

Great Horn Bull Centaur
(Great Weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield; Amulet of Hashut)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors [x10]
(Full command group, Great axes, Shields, Chaos Armour, Eruption Gun)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors [x10]
(Full command group, Great axes, Shields, Chaos Armour, Eruption Gun)

Chaos Dwarf Annihilators [x17]
(Full command group; War Banner)


Bull Centaurs [x5]
(Full command group, Great axes, Shields, Chaos Armour)

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower [x2]

Inferno Golems [x3]
(Conflagration Cannon)

TOTAL: 1496 points.

First of all, I don't like new bound spell magic system, so i went on magic defense only. I'm waiting for return of RH system. :orcsslobber:
The exceptions to v.3 rules was that I used RH blunderbuss rules with following additions:
- blunderbusses can shoot even when friendly units are within fire zone (Chaos Dwarfs are evil after all... :orc thumb:);
- full rank (ie. 5 models) to +1 Str bonus;
- every enemy model within fire zone may be hit the number of times equal to it's Unit Strength, not just once.
Also I used Hailfire Gun with it's v.2 profile.
And now justification of those changes. Hailfire Gun - it's obvious - it just must fit into blunderbuss rules. And as for the blunderbusses themselves, blunderbuss without the fire zone is a HERESY! I just can't imagine Chaos Dwarf army without the fire zone. I hope Hashut will fry your bottoms for trying to drop the fire zone. :orc thumb: And I tried the rules with hitting on Unit Sterngth to make Annihilators useful against everything, not only against large blocks of infantry.

My opponent had:

Saurus Hero on foot,
Skink Priest on foot,
Two Stegadons,
Two Saurus regiments (~18 models each),
One Saurus cavalry unit (5 models),
Three Skink units (10 models each).

The game ended in minor victory for Lizardmen.
The biggest pain for me were Stegadons (those 10 skinks on board work like a 5+ ward save for the Stegadon :boom: ). Also M6 shoota-poison skirmishers are hard to deal with. But in general, the units I used are quite fine as they are.

Chaos armour on Centaurs and Warriors makes wonders. They are more competitive now and can fairly stand a fight. Also it's point cost on those units is fine as we assume they should be slightly overpriced. The same in case of total point cost of Bull Centaurs and Chaos Dwarf Warriors - slightly overpriced, but that's how it should be in this armylist.

Eruption Guns. Should cost 50-55 points. A bit unpredictable, but fun. :orcs:

Annihilators. They are fine with my version of blunderbuss rules. Otherwise they are a rip off - remember that they can not have chaos armour nor shields, so shooting on Unit Strength is fine for the point cost (ie. 12pts). With strict RH rules I had always a problem that on second or third game with the same opponent, Annihilators were completely useless. Opponents quickly find out how to deal with them - run them over with cavalry, trolls/ogres or just avoid/outmanoeuvre them (it's easy as Annihilators are M3). So now, charging them with a Stegadon could be painful (ten 4+ rolls, not just pathetic one!).

Daemoneater. Well this guy is a bit overpiced for this armylist. I think it should cost 140 points. But stats and rules are fine.

Inferno Golems. I like that unit. Before the battle I thought, they are highly overpriced. However, they seem fine! They are only missing Immune to fire based attack, fluffwise of course, but stats and cost seems balanced. Whith the only exception of upgrade costs. Conflagration Cannon should cost 30 points. I didn't test the rest - maybe just differ costs of upgrades?

So, that's it. As I said, units I used seem fine in general. The only major changes needed in my opinion are:
- blunderbusses MUST HAVE the fire zone,
- go back to normal magic system.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions. :orcs:

Re: v3* CD vs Lizardmen [1500pts]

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:09 pm
by mattbird
thanks Voyager!

any feedback from your opponent?

Re: v3* CD vs Lizardmen [1500pts]

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:43 pm
by Voyager_3
mattbird wrote:any feedback from your opponent?

Actually, this what I've written is our common feedback. After the game I was questioning my buddy about rules, point costs etc. So above I've posted our mutual thoughts.

Re: v3* CD vs Lizardmen [1500pts]

PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:57 am
by mattbird
cool, thanks!