2000 pt DoC vs v3 CDs

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2000 pt DoC vs v3 CDs

Postby Hashuts Scion » Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:40 pm

2000 pts. CDs vs DoC

Overlord (Armor of furnace, Death Mace, GT)
Great Horn Bull Centaur (Amulet of Hashut, Biting Blade)
SlaveMaster (Soul eater, Enchanted Shield, BSB)
14 CDs (CA, shield, FC), eruption gun
14 Annihilators (FC), SM goes here
15Annihilators (FC)
9 BCs (CA, Shield, GW, FC) GH BC goes here
2x Bolt Throwers
15 Sneaky Gits, FC (FC)

Daemon Prince (Fly, Unnatural Swiftness, Immortal Fury, Slaanesh, Lvl 2 wizard)
14 Bloodletters (FC, Icon of Endless War)
Herald of Nurgle (Lvl 1, Noxious Vapors, Slime Trail)
14 Plaguebearers (FC, Standard of Seeping Decay)
5 Fleshhounds, Karanak
Herald of Slannesh, Lvl 1, Daemonic Robes, Steed of Slaanesh
5 Seekers of Slaanesh, (FC, Siren Standard)
3 Flamers, Pyrocaster

The terrain had a lake in the middle, so the flyers would have no problem, but everyone else would have to go around. There was a hill on one corner and a large wood on the opposite diagonal corner.

The Daemons had the seekers and fleshounds ready to go around one side while the foot troops went on the other. I set up on the hill with my artillery and would have a chance to slow down the fast troops, if I was lucky. The sneaky gits stayed close by to hopefully get a flank or rear charge if they got too close. The CD line set up ready to take on all comers with the Overlord ready to go to either side.

Turn one some movement by the DoC closing the gap very quickly on the left side. Magic was ineffective this round, and not close enough for the flamers. On my turn, I moved closer on the right, moved my general closer to the fast closing flank. One bolt thrower struck and killed two bloodletters, earthshaker missed both troops.

Turn two had his fleshhounds close to within 4
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Re: 2000 pt DoC vs v3 CDs

Postby Larro » Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:34 am

Daemon Prince (Fly, Unnatural Swiftness, Immortal Fury, Slaanesh, Lvl 2 wizard)

My thoughts: This was the 1st time I faced the new demons with my CDs. I thought they would be overwhelming, and they did take me out in battles, but I had more units so I could arrange the location of battles better.

That first quote helps explain the second quote. The Demon Prince is without question the worst character in the DoC book, amazingly overpriced compared to Heralds, and vastly underpowered compared to a Greater Demon. It's nice to see the CDs get a Draw vs. the DL, but your DL buddy went pretty soft on you as far as DL lists go.

I think the CDs need more magic items, especially in the lower 25-50 point range, especially some for the Hobgoblins.

Agreed. Too many of the items, particularly weapons, are in the 50 pt. range and are simply inferior to either a mundane GW or the Sword of Might. They don't combo well with anything, they don't add much, and they're flat-out overpriced. Something needs to be done.

- Larry
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Re: 2000 pt DoC vs v3 CDs

Postby Hashuts Scion » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:02 am


I do agree with you here on the hobs. There are 2 other armies out there that, to me, have two levels of troops: O&G with Orcs and Gobbos, and WoC with CW and Marauders. I've faced all gobbo armies numerous times and each time it has been close, at least until the last 1-2 turns and the gobbos have won a fair share. I've not faced, or seen an all marauder force. Have you, or have you heard how they fair?

Right now, a fully decked out hob cost 5 pts (6? with bow). A CD Warrior costs 8-14 pts depending on how much you want to give them. 2 vs. 1. O&G are 2:1, and WoC are 3:1. In both of the other armies, the supporters are not limited in how much 'magic stuff' they get. Of course, this could be because the CDs don't trust the hobs, but the hobs are what saved them in the Black Orc uprising. So, they have trusted them to a point. With the limitations they have, I'm not sure if I will ever field a hob unit w/o bows in 2000 pt armies.

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