V4 CD vs Daemons 1000pts

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V4 CD vs Daemons 1000pts

Postby Bunny_of_Khaine » Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:31 pm

Played a game today against my roommates Daemon army. Played 1000 points my army list was as follows:

Daemonsmith- Shield, Firestone of Uzkul

15 Chaos Dwarf Annihilators

15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors equipped with Shields and Chaos Armour. Eruptions Gun taken as well as the Banner of Daemonic Tides.

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

2 Hobgoblin Spear Chukka's

3 Inferno Golems- With Lava Fire upgrade

My opponents list was

16 Bloodletters

16 Horrors

4 Screamers

5 Fleshhounds

Herald of Khorne with Juggernaut

Herald of Tzeentch with Master of Sorcery(metal)

He got the first turn and surged forward and unleashes Irrestiable force Spirit of the forge on my Annihalators and killed 5 of them. They then failed their panic and fled. Next turn they failed thier leadership check and ran off the table.

My first turn he dispelled all my spells cast. The bolt throwers did no damage and the eruption gun killed 2 bloodletters and the Death rocket killed 3 bloodletters.

On his second turn his 3 screamers flew over one of my hobgoblin and killed the 2 hobgoblin crew and his magic phase i dispelled his spells using the Firestone to dispel the spirit of the forge on my warriors.

Then on my second turn i failed both rampage rolls on my Death rocket and eruption gun and they charged the 3 screamers killing all but one tying them up in combat and he passed his leadership check. My warriors managed to charge his Bloodletter unit with his hearld in it and my deamonsmith was in the unit as well using the banner. The close combat phased feature me failing to wound with any of my attack rolls and he killed 2 warriors and got 3 overkill on my unit champion from the challenge. I then failed my leadership again and got ran down.

His 3rd turn saw him charge the deathrocket in the back with his bloodletters and the his 5 Khorne hounds into the remaining Bolt thrower that has been ineffective. He attempted to cast into the inferno golems and caused one wound. The Hounds destoryed the Bolt Thrower and the bloodletters won combat against the Eruption gun and Death rocket i managed to kill the remaining screamer but lose both weapons and crew.

My 3rd and his 3rd and my 4th saw the inferno golems charge the Horrors with the Herald of Tzeentch. I killed his Herald the first turn of combat and over to his turn 4 i finished off the unit with only getting one wound on the inferno golems. On his 5th turn he charged the Golems with the flesh hounds and i was wiped off the table.

My thoughts: the Inferno golems were pretty good my opponent thought they were a little expense and without support they can take something that hits just as hard. We both thought that taking each with different abilities was to much point wise and games wise with the way wounds would then have to be allocated and the book work and remembering on the opponents side maybe getting one upgrade that affects the squad as a whole. Also the Deamonsmith with the random roll was and bookkeeping seems to much just getting a +1 str everytime seems to be a better solution. Also being able to default to the first spell would be a better options since it is to easy to get stuck with a worthless spell.

The Deamonic engine both of them rampaging into 3 screamers and that was a wet napkin fight the war machines dont have enough firepower in combat to deal with significant threats they were only able to kill 2 screamers between eruption gun, death rocket, and 2 dwarf crew. On top of them misfiring or chance to might be a little to much.

I'd just like to say thanks and i got mad respect for working on a Chaos Dwarf list like this. Thanks.
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