NYC Bragging Rights 2011

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NYC Bragging Rights 2011

Postby siridar » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:59 pm

NYC Bragging Rights 2011

This “event” will run for the entire year of 2011 and is meant to encourage players to participate in store events and all aspects of the miniatures hobby. Every event that takes place at the store will generate a number of Bragging Right points depending on how the player finished in the event. Sometimes a flat point value will be awarded depending on the nature of the event. These Bragging Rights are added up over the course of the year. Players and their points will be kept up to date in this thread.

At the end of the year, the player with the most Bragging Rights will receive a Championship medal. The 2nd – 5th placed players will also receive prizes.

The events that are scheduled to take place are:
    • Tournaments
    • Painting competitions
    • Leagues
    • Hobby Days

How Bragging Rights will be awarded

A. For tournament scoring, since winning bigger tournaments is more difficult, the bigger the tournament, the more points will be awarded.
    • First place will be awarded 1 more point than the total number of players in the tournament.
    • Second place receives 1 less point and third place 1 less point from second place.
    • Every other place below that is reduced by 1 point down until 3, where after everyone who participated is awarded 3 points.
So for example,
6 man tournament: 7-6-5-4-3-3 points
8 man: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-3
10 man: 11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-3
16 man: 17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-3

Ties for a point level would let everyone in the tie getting that many points.

B. Players who bring armies to tournaments from January through June that are at least 50% painted will receive 3 points per event. From July through December, the painting requirement will go up to 75% painted to receive these points.

C. Leagues and Campaigns would use the same scoring system. The order of the event's finish will determine the player rankings.

Example: In the leagues, the order of the leader board would dictate who is in first place on down to the last player.

D. Players will receive points for earning Stratagems in the leagues.
    • Every Stratagem achieved is worth 1 point.
    • A bonus point is received for reaching 4 Stratagems and 5 Stratagems.
    • Two bonus points are received for achieving 6 Stratagems.
• Someone who achieves all 6 Stratagems will have received a total of 10 points.

E. For painting competitions, during a tournament players enter models they painted within the last 6 months, using the honor system. Note that a person can enter a model into the painting contest even if they are not playing in the tournament. Once a model is entered in a competition, it can't be entered in one again. The model can be part of a unit. The whole unit isn't entered, just one model, however that entry will exclude any other models from the unit being entered in subsequent competitions. Unit attachments models are not considered part of a unit for this purpose, but do exclude one another. These rules will be supplemented by any special requirements when Privateer Press promotes a special painting award. For example, if in one competition the models all have to be warjacks, then obviously for that month, only warjack models would be acceptable. However those models are still subject to our rules, that is, they couldn't be entered again later, etc.

The players will vote on all the entries submitted for 1st through 3rd place. We will then rank the entries. To rank the entries we will add up the votes, where a vote for first place counts for 3 points, 2nd place for 2 points, and 3rd place for 1 point.

Entry A got 2 votes for first place and 1 vote for second place and 1 vote
for 3rd place. Entry A's total score is (3+3+2+1) = 9.

Once the painting entries were all ranked, we will use a non-variable scoring system which awards a lot of championship points to encourage more painting. So first place will receive 10 points, 8 points for 2nd place, followed by 6-5-4-3-3-3-etc for the remaining places. The awards do not go lower than 3 points to encourage participation.

F. To encourage players to participate in Hobby Days, anyone who shows up and stays for most of the session will earn 10 points for the day's activities.

G. Bonus points will also be handed out for doing cool things. This can range from 1-5 point depending on what happens and is totally at the Pressganger’s discretion. A ballsy stunt that has almost no chance of working, but does might score some extra points, or even a horrible, incredibly bad luck turn might net the player a point or two on the basis of sheer karma. Bringing a new player into the fold or just giving a demo game are other examples of point-scoring-worthy events.

The awarding of championship points is entirely up to the discretion of the Pressganger running the event. Their decision is final. The Pressganger will endeavor to adhere to this system as written to promote an even playing field, but adjustments to these rules throughout the year may need to made. Any change will be prominently announced.
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Re: NYC Bragging Rights 2011

Postby siridar » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:00 pm

Updated through July 30, 2011.

79 Adam We
70 Charlie M
53 Kyle H
50 Jason Y
45 Joey G

38 Jake L
35 Raphael B
30 Ted B
29 Jon G
24 Paul

23 Chris D
20 Sharod M
18 Mark P
16 George T
15 Andrew W

13 Ian
13 Adam Wh
13 David M
11 Steve P
10 Dan W

6 Brookie
6 Charley A
5 Mike M
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