advise please

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advise please

Postby slann » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:53 pm

Well I know for hordes iam building up trolls , but I do know I would like a warmachine crew as well . I had khador back in the day when scorsha was blitz freezing mofos , but I know there played by like everyone I might do a man o war list with one jack for them , but I was looking into menoth I see there under played which I like playing and them being " good guys " helps , but is it because they are super crappy or are people not there theme . I like there theme but if iam jumping back in I don't want to start out with a really hard list too use .

So input people !
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Re: advise please

Postby Larro » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:20 am

I think Menoth is fairly awesome, and the models are ace as well. The reason for their being slightly underplayed IMO is that they're not as straight forward, and look to be more dependent on syngergies and keeping key support pieces alive (Choirs, etc.) to boost their otherwise nothing-special units. It's probably just more to do with Warmachine being very akin to a CCG, in that painting is not required, there is no Comp, and it's all about Combos, that the WAAC-type players jump right into something easier to use, which is why you see the more finesse-styled armies like Circle and Menoth a little underplayed in comparison.

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Re: advise please

Postby keithb » Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:09 am

I can agree with this.

A lot of people never plan for Menoth either.

I love retribution as well. Just so long as you can embrace the anime nature of the models. Everything they have is awesome.
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Re: advise please

Postby njpc » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:56 pm

Menoth is very competitive. They have some of the nastiest jacks who can be buffed to excellent effect by the choir. They have solo's that you can make excellent assassination runs with. Overall their speed is better then average, minus a few health jacks. The Harbinger brings a ridiculous amount of focus, and the Avatar is his own battle group, generates his own focus. Bastions are hard to put away.

People in South Jersey / Philly play a lot of Menoth. You see a lot of players down here running jack heavy, and running the Harbinger. A few people will bust out Kreoss knock down lists, and run Bastion + Harbringer to charge in on turn 2. Menoth are not hard to use. They are fairly straight forward, some of their tier lists are great.

If your looking for something less used, Retribution is seen less then it used to be. They are very competitive, but like your typical elves are flimsy, minus their jacks who can self repair their shields. I run a Battle Mage list, its fast, fighty, and unlike things you see. It really catches you with your pants down if you haven't seen it. My 2nd faction is Searforge IE dwarves of WMDH. They are very resilent, cheap in game points, and you can really lay a lot of jacks down. Gorten's a monster warcaster, 5 focus, but that's all he needs with his feat, and low point jacks.
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Re: advise please

Postby SteveinNYC » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:56 pm

If you want good and underplayed then go with Retribution, though people do play Retribution and that number could easily grow.

Menoth's competitive, though not top tier. No one ever confused them for good guys though.
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Re: advise please

Postby siridar » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:57 pm

Menoth is underplayed becasue others simply prefer different armies to play with. For a while we had more Menoth players than anything else.

Menoth isn't hard to play, but because of all the synergy that faction uses it's a little more "order of operations" strict, and all the little bonuses here and there can get hard to keep track of. If you've got decent tokens it shouldn't be a problem.

Start with a small force and then expand from there. This way you get to dabble a bit. See if you like it, then simply add to your existing army. If you don't like it you can then either sell it, trade it, or you've got yourself a small force for when you get bored with another army.
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