my list draft what do you think

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my list draft what do you think

Postby slann » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:29 pm

So by going on what I remeber from years ago and what questions I have had answered I was looking at some thing like this

For my 35 point list
Man o war shock troops x 2
Man o war demo group
Man o war drakhun

For 50 points
Man o war shockers x 3
Man o war demo x 2
Widow maker marksmen

Was thinking about dropping widow makers and captian and adding a beserker too run with the kovnik and drop one demo team for a man hunter yuri the axe and the dog

Iam usig the widows to maybe keep long range stuff at bay but was thinking just throw the axemen at them might be better and they can also deal with light jacks
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Re: my list draft what do you think

Postby BileBelcher » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:28 pm

By my calculations, you are 2 points short in your 35 point list. Possibly throw in a merc solo like Gorman to block LoS to your caster or if you want to stick with an all Khador force just switch points around and pick up a War Dog or something. Possibly make the Juggie a Destroyer or just pick up a 2 point Khador solo. When bombardiers come out, you can upgrade one of the units to them. Dont count on the bombardiers coming out any time soon though, because I have no idea when that will be.

I gotta think a bit about your 50 pt.
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Re: my list draft what do you think

Postby Trollicious » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:59 am

I like these lists. There are alot of matchups where your opponent will start weeping before the dice hit the table. Of course, there are also going to be situations where your opponent will be able to just dance around you and pick off your caster. MoW are notoriously slow. If they hit rough terrain, or any spell cripples their speed or knocks them down, things are going to get rough. Also if your opponent is packing heavy shooting, they're going to be taking alot of hits with such low defense. This will be especially bad if you get hit with those armor debuffs that cryx is so fond of...

Irusk is pretty squishy too. Ted has a good idea with Gorman, but you can also use greylords to cast blizzard on your MoW line to create a cloud wall that blocks LOS (if you put iron flesh on them, they will be def 16 against shooting!! (+3 def and concealment)) Then there's the possibility of keeping a Bokur or two back with Irusk. They're medium bases, so it fits your theme, and they can take incoming fire off Irusk. A wardog can help if Irusk gets into melee, but if that's happening, something has probably gone wrong already.

At 50 it looks like you have some nice additions. Widowmakers can keep their distance and pick off some of the nastier single wound infantry that can ruin the MoW's day. (like doom reavers, storm blades, bane knights, etc) The only issue is that they cannot deal with stealth. It may take some tweaking, but I always like to keep a spriggan handy with irusk. It can light up targets to remove stealth, has 2 ranged attacks, reach, and powerful charge. With Superiority, that gives it a 11" threat and a MAT 10 charge attack.
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Re: my list draft what do you think

Postby slann » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:31 pm

I used too run a very advanced scout army way back when also it was

Man o war unit
Pikemen full
And sometimes reavers

The widows would do there thing , while the woodsmen , manhunter and mage hunter along with reavers would give a sense of being surrounded , and I had a pretty rock solid middle marching up the center .
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