2011 Battle Journals

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2011 Battle Journals

Postby siridar » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:14 pm

I've got a bunch of the 2011 Battle Journals in. They're great for tracking how much gaming you're doing. They're great for the Leagues where you can track your games, and unlock new strategems for use to crush your opponents with. In addition you can earn stamps for playing in tournaments too! Going to the bigger cons? Guaranteed they'll have stamps for anyone who finishes in one of their tournaments. Playing in a local tournament? Probably a safe bet the Pressganger has stamps for anyone who finishes their tournament.

They're $5.00 and their nice little trinkets that will last you all year. Plus there's some spoilers in there too!

If you want one, just find me. I'll be carrying them around Thursday nights and on tournament days until they run out.
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