Protectorate - 35pt Reznik List

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Protectorate - 35pt Reznik List

Postby Anger Worm » Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:30 pm

I was wondering if anyone could offer advice about my Reznik list. This is the first Protectorate caster that interested me and I'd like to start learning to use him. From what I gather he's a jack jockey with limited focus built for assassination runs. He stifles casters and uses enemy actions to propel his jacks to threaten casters.

Servath Reznik (+6)

Avatar of Menoth - 11
A powerhouse jack that requires no upkeep from Reznik.
Guardian - 9
Another heavyweight that can run a gauntlet and remain intact. Has an arc node for Perdition.
Vanquisher - 8
A big gun to help clear pesky infantry.
Devout - 5
Reznik's babysitter. When I can't block LOS to him this takes the hits from range.
Choir (Min.) - 2
Choir (Min.) - 2
Obviously to further the utility/survivability of my jacks. Doubling up should help keep some around since I've got no infantry screen.

That leaves me with 4 remaining points to spend, and no real idea of how to spend them. Some thoughts in order of what I (with next to no know-how) think might work best:

2 Paladins
Durable, hitty infantry solos that help me pick off or tie up threats.

Vassal + Paladin
More jack support and a utility solo.

Vilmont + Wracks
Themey wracks and a superior paladin. Help with early focus demands.

Any and all advice welcome!
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Re: Protectorate - 35pt Reznik List

Postby SteveinNYC » Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:16 pm

Reznik is great! I've been pleasantly surprised by how well he plays. Here's my advice:

Take a max Choir instead of 2 min Choirs, which gives you an extra point. With that extra point, you can take one of our many five point units as an infantry screen; or take the Temple Flameguard for 4 points. I like Exemplar Errants because they're so versatile, but TFG are Protectorate's most popular screening unit.

I'd proxy different jack choices with Reznik until you find the combo you like. The Vanquisher+Vassal are popular because it's 2 shots, but the Vanquisher struggles to take out jacks (which is what I want my jacks to do) and I find the Errants give me the shooting I need. If you find you're not arcing perdition through the Guardian then I would drop it for a different jack. In particular, I'd proxy the Fire of Salvation (because it's fast and its imprint makes it a good assassin), Templar (beat back makes for a longer than expected threat range), Scourge of Heresy (because it's bonded to Reznik and arcane assassin makes it a good assassin) and the Reckoner (reach is always good).

The Devout is situational. I like it, but will often drop it and defend against shooting with depth and aggressive play. YMMV

As far as other things to add, the Covenant is a Protectorate mainstay because it can prevent knockdowns, while Wracks, a Reclaimer or the Hierophant provide more focus.

The biggest thing is to play, experience gives the best advice. Good luck!
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Re: Protectorate - 35pt Reznik List

Postby Anger Worm » Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:33 pm

Firstly, thanks for the great feedback. You've tossed a lot of ideas out there.

Good point about the max choir. I feel as though any minimum unit of troops seems comparatively less useful than either paired paladins/vilmon or some more support for my jacks. If they're just going to die they may as well be boosting my heavy hitters in the meantime. So for now I'm not including any infantry screen.

With that in mind I'm definitely adding a Covenant. I forgot I had one in a box somewhere! No knockdowns is sweet and ancient shroud seems like a good insurance policy for 2 points.

I'm not sure I'm concerned about the Vanquisher taking out jacks. I was viewing him as an answer to sticky infantry mobs. Supported, the Avatar and Guardian should be able to tackle enemy machines. I think a Vassal for ancillary shots will be the next 2 point addition.

That leaves me with a point, so wracks it is. Free focus and thematic, so why not?

I know I'll want to play around a bit and tweak as I learn the list/game. I'm planning on getting bastions down the road so I have some beefy LOS blockers. I'm also keen to use paladins. The Avatar is a huge point sink (though its another model I'm eager to try) so when I'm feeling more experienced I'll lose him and play with some cheaper heavies.

With that the list looks like:
Choir (Max)
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