Steamroller 2012, The Compleat Strategist (NYC), March 31

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Steamroller 2012, The Compleat Strategist (NYC), March 31

Postby siridar » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:52 pm

For those of you who aren't interested in going to the Colonial GT:

Steamroller 2012 Tournament
When: Saturday, March 31st
Where: The Compleat Strategist
11 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016
10:30am registration, 11:00am round 1 begins.
Entry Fee: $10.00, First come first serve

- 2 lists, 35/7 points, Character restricted
- 7 minute turns, one 3 minute extension
- Unfinished models must be easily recognizable for the model it is.

- Bring two copies of your list, one for the Judge and one for you. Please e-mail these lists no later than March 29 to for quicker registration.
- You may bring two different army lists of the same faction. 2 Lists are not required, but if two lists are brought, they must use two different warcasters or warlocks. Mercenary players may use different Contracts/Theme Forces and Minion players may use different Pacts/theme Forces.
- To quote a FAQ or Themelist, you must bring a copy of it. Otherwise, you may not quote it or use it.
- Prizes - 1st, 2nd, 3rd coins. "Most Fun to Play Against" award.

- There will also be an individual "hobby" competition in which you may submit one model. You may only enter one model.


The model (or terrain piece) must represent the Retribution of Scyrah in some way. The model does not need to be a Retribution model, but must be themed as such, whether it represents Gyrshyld, Retribution model as a wreck, Retribution studio paint scheme, or some other Retribution-inspired theme. Conversions will count as heavily as painting, both would be even better. This will be judged using many variables (scope of the project, creativity, technical merits, etc.). Players enter a model they painted or converted within the last 6 months, using the honor system. Once a model is entered in a competition, it can't be entered in one again. The model can be part of a unit. The whole unit isn't entered, just one model, however that entry will exclude any other models from the unit being entered in subsequent competitions. Unit attachments models are not considered part of a unit for this purpose, but do exclude one another.

The prize for this competition will be a Retribution Coin.
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