First Timer Question: Lady Justice as a Master

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Re: First Timer Question: Lady Justice as a Master

Postby mattbird » Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:21 pm

SteveinNYC wrote:
mattbird wrote:I realize that, but I also looked at all the models for Guild in depth. IMO, compared to what other factions can bring to the table, they are on the weaker side of things.

Can you talk about this more: what are some examples?

While they can put out damage, they don't seem to me to have the capability to throw an opponent off of what they are trying to do. Just very linear. Compared to other factions which force you to play differently against them, like Pandora, Chompy, gremlins, hamelin and others.

James has way more experience with them, obviously, so maybe I am just not seeing it.
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