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NOVA Open Malifaux

Postby nix » Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:08 pm

Have I mentioned the NOVA Open Malifaux events to any of you guys? I think so, but if not, let me push it again here.


The NOVA Open has a full slate of Malifaux events this year, and we are very excited as the prime registration dates are now open! I have this posted in an earlier thread, but that was hard to find after the changes to the community events forums happened. I wanted to make sure to get this back up and prominent.

Named for the Northern Virginia area where it is held, the NOVA Open is a 4 day wargaming convention running from August 25 – August 28, 2011 in the Washington DC metro area. Numerous Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy, Malifaux and Warmachine events fill the weekend, along with casual gaming, painting competitions, and a host of evening events tailored for all levels from the social to hardcore wargamer!

Information on rules, and the event, can be found on the website, and on the convention’s development blog, Additional information is also housed and discussed on our forums at

This is the Malifaux Forum, so what are the Malifaux plans for the weekend? Currently we have a Malifaux Weekend pass ($30) available that gives access to all Malifaux events over the weekend. Here is the current schedule of events:

"Through the Breach" - 30ss Malifaux tournament

"Bad Things Happen" - Daily Achievement League
    Achievement based prizes for playing Malifaux games
    Friday round & Saturday Round
    Players Pack coming

"Bayou Five Card" - Malifaux fixed/unique crew Mega Battle

"Malifaux Midnight Madness" - Single Elimination Midnight tournament
    35 soulstone, fixed faction
    Saturday/Sunday, Midnight - single elimination
    8 slots
    Players Pack Here

We will also have demo's running throughout the weekend.

For those who plan on coming, I strongly recommend staying at the Hyatt. The NOVA Open has secured some fantastic room rates for the weekend and there is a raffle currently running, based on how early you pre-register your room. Full details on the raffle are here, but at a high level:

# of raffle entries is based on how early you register your room and then staying in the room through the weekend
Drawing will be on Sunday
1 Grand Prize of ~$1000 value
4 other prizes of ~$250 value

There are a number of "subtle rumors" flying around the convention planning as well, so if you are interested I strongly recommend keeping an eye on the NOVA Open forums and Whiskey & 40K blog. Two of those are as follows:

Black Library author Gav Thorpe will be at the NOVA Open this year! Scheduled author events to be announced soon!

Feel free to PM or email me with any questions.

Here is the first NOVA Open Malifaux newsletter, updating the registered attendees on whats going on.

And don't let me fail to mention that there are some of the LE sets from Gencon available as prizes at the NOVA Open. Also, while he will not be there in an official capacity, one of the Wyrd Developers is planning to attend and participate in events!
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